June 22nd - July 10th
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Equipping women to welcome the fullness of the Almighty to the inmost parts
of our every day lives through studying His Word
and entering into authentic, biblical community.

Our Latest Journey Studies

Redeemed Day 13 Paid In Full

NAOMI is recognized as this child’s mother, not Ruth! And this hours-old baby is recognized as the kinsman redeemer, NOT Boaz. 
As a mother of three children whom I carried for nine months, labored with for hours upon hours, and delivered under great distress, this stood out to me greatly. I wanted to scream, “That’s not fair!” 
But understanding what was required of Boaz as kinsman redeemer in Jewish culture allows us to see the goodness of God in sending His Son, Jesus, as our kinsman redeemer, in a clearer, more beautiful light.

Redeemed Day 12 The Waiting Game: Digging Deeper

Ruth is a foreigner in Israel. She listens to the guidance of her Israelite mother-in-law trusting she knew best. Her obedience is not blind, rather a result of trust built in a relationship. She knew Naomi and trusted she would not guide her into destruction, but a better life. In our lives, we face situations and decisions where we need to seek the wisdom of others. We need to surround ourselves with believers who are wiser than us and whose guidance we can seek.

Redeemed Day 11 The Waiting Game

Naomi was aware of a kinsman-redeemer, a man named Boaz.  A kinsman redeemer was a close family member who agreed to marry a widow, providing financially for her and carrying on the family name.  

Naomi gave instructions to Ruth, to approach Boaz as kinsman redeemer and trust his noble character would move him to treat Ruth with honor. 

Just as Ruth had a redeemer in Boaz, we, too, have a Redeemer.  
His name is Jesus. 

The GT Weekend! ~ Redeemed Week 2

Naomi returned to Bethlehem empty, but the Lord was ready to fill her in more ways than one. His kindness towards her was lavish! He immediately provided for Ruth and Naomi by satisfying their pressing physical needs of empty bellies and cabinets. Where are you facing physical emptiness? Are you trusting the Lord sees and knows these needs and will fill them in His perfect timing?

Current and Upcoming Journey Themes

Who is this God of the Bible? What is His name? Does knowing Him impact our everyday? Can He be truly k n o w n? Explore the names of God and know who HE is!
June 1 – June 19, 2020

Can what is broken be made new? Can what is dead be brought to life? Can light penetrate the darkness closing around us? Breathe in, Sister, live Redeemed! June 22–July 10, 2020

What if being blessed wasn’t anchored in our feelings or our sense of happiness? What if “blessed” was entirely different than how we naturally define it? July 13–July 31, 2020

Does God expect perfection in order to bless us? Why did God choose these 10 laws to reflect His righteousness to His people? What do the Ten mean for us?
Aug 3–Aug 21, 2020

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory,
glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.
~John 1:14