May 6 - May 24, 2019
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Biblical Community; Authentic Redemption Stories
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"Small things that pointed to a very big God!" - Meet Michelle!!!

Equipping women to welcome the fullness of the Almighty to the inmost parts
of our every day lives through studying His Word
and entering into authentic, biblical community.

Our Latest Journey Studies

Seeds Day 15 Outside The Lines

I met Craig at a church called Redeeming Grace
It’s like he understood my “I don’t want to be here” face
I felt out of place and I smelled like beer
But he just shook my hand, said “I’m glad you’re here”
He says, “we’ll all be judged”
But he was never judgmental.

As Walker Hayes crooned on and the images he painted came to life in my mind, all I could see were all the “Craigs” I knew, all the times I’d seen my husband be “Craig”, how my own heart beat passionately to be “Craig”, and how Jesus calls each and every believer to be Craig.

Seeds Day 14 Gloriously Broken: Digging Deeper

Sisters, all seemed dark for these men, but God’s power and authority were hemming them in behind, before, and on all sides. His power was not dimmed by their suffering or the darkness of their circumstance, it shone all the brighter

Seeds Day 13 Gloriously Broken

They could see the dire situation they were in with their physical eyesight,
because they were men.
But they were men who were also followers of Jesus,
so they could also see the situation with spiritual eyesight.

Seeds Day 12 Seeds Of Encouragement: Digging Deeper

Any one of these areas may feel out of our comfort zone but with the power of the Holy Spirit we can bravely and boldly go and bear witness making disciples.

Current and Upcoming Journey Themes

The early church was radical in every regard from preaching, teaching, equipping, and loving. Suppose we held up our view of
church and asked, ‘What if we…?”
May 6 – May 24, 2019

Whose shoulders of faith are we standing on as a Church today? What if your faith was meant to Ignite the world around you like those who have gone before?!
May 27 – June 14, 2019

The very DNA of Jesus’ love results in radical life change. But what does it look like in real life? Together, let’s live out the high calling to “Live A Life of Love”!
June 17 – July 5, 2019

Sharing the delightful,
captivating fragrance we give off
to a world dying around us.
The victory parade Christ
leads us in.
July 8 – July 26, 2019

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory,
glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.
~John 1:14