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It’s so easy to get caught up and not see it for what it really is – sin eating away at us and our loved ones. Great article!

Katie Braswell

Wow. “He knew”. These words hit my heart. He knows, and has always known. How amazing is God, that He gave us a way to escape the grasp of death! I can feel the conviction of this post, yet I feel hope. The precious Christ child that came to die for my sin, is my hope. Thank you for painting this picture in my soul, today.


I love this – “And He holds out a better way. He holds out the gift of His Son. Knowing full well that we are powerless over the pull of sin,
He offers Himself in our place because He alone holds victory over the Death of Sin.” I’m thankful God is in control of every situation, even the ones where I choose to do wrong, because He knows all about it and yet loves me and forgives me.

Susan Evans

I wonder what would have happened if Cain took God’s warning and decided not to kill his brother.

Alice Mills

I am always impressed by the fact that the first murder was between two siblings. That rivalry certainly has continued thought the millennia.


What a great reminder for us to live in God’s light in all situations of our life. Even in the unknowns we still can trust and rely on Him.

Heather Hart

Amen! We can choose Jesus in our unknowns. Especially in our unknowns, because, He knows.