GT Partners

Meet the GT Partners!

Gracefully Truthful grew from a dream of simply wanting to reach women for Jesus and eventually that heart desire flourished into big, God-sized plans. Today, GT is all about inviting women in to study the fullness of God and be transformed as a result within the fertile soil of shared community. It took over a year of “doodle dreaming”, so much prayer, and many tears. Eventually, our core partners came together and worked hard to prepare, pray, and launch this online community.

Each of these women are grounded in Jesus and their lives reflect the testimony of their lips. This ministry wouldn’t exist without their faithfulness to each other or to Christ.

Please enjoy “meeting” our GT Partners and GT Contributors and know that they are praying for you!

Leadership Team

Writing Team

Sara Park Weekend Prayer and Journal Prompts
 Moberly – Journey Studies
Merry Ohler – Journey Studies
Sara Colquhoun – Journey Studies
Rebecca Adams – Journey Studies & Digging Deeper Studies

Editing Team

Donna Cartwright – Community Editor
Georgia Herod – Faces of Grace Editor
Chris Adams – Theology Editor

Digging Deeper Team

GT Contributing Team

Graphic Design