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Gena Cormack
Gena Cormack

Praise God!! I was the little girl who just wanted to know she mattered. Growing up in a Big Family, I felt as though I didn’t count. I was the middle kiddo. As a grown woman, I’ve often thought of myself growing up and the need that I had. The need to feel accepted, approved, loved unconditionally. Just someone who showed that they cared. I needed that. So now, I believe it’s important for me to champion the weak. The smaller, the bullied, less likely to… To show them Jesus through my “actions”. Love them where they are. To tell… Read more »

Mandy Farmer
Mandy Farmer

Brianna, i nearly thought you were talking about me. I have 4 children and 30plus nieces and nephews. And i have done the same trying to connect with them, praying for them by name, commenting on their social media. Since i have 30, i decided to have a “niece/nephew of the day” where i pray for them and send them a note of encouragement.


Being called out by name carries such value and significance! This is a neat ministry, Mandy!