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Nancy Richards
Nancy Richards

This is bigger than me I need help! You all are truly amazing and a God send. Not only am I getting to know myself, but the bible study is my calling. I sense is due time to begin the march. But i don’t know how? Other than H. Honestly, O. Openly, and W. Willing that I am. Psalm 46 I use repeatedly in healing ministries with a detailed description of a personal journey. Ephesians: the full armor of God, is a teaching i did with my fifth graders, it was a time i had to use the helmet of… Read more »


God is clearly moving in your heart as you study, pray, and read and that’s exciting!
God uses Scripture, biblical community, wisdom, and the local church to help us as we seek our next steps in following Him. We recommend connecting with your pastor and other trusted, believing leaders in your life, and sharing what has been moving in your heart. Seek wisdom, keep your feet firmly planted in Scripture, and the Lord will faithfully lead you.
It’s a blessing to have you here at GT!

Nancy Richards
Nancy Richards

Thankyou its a blessing to be here. My pastors have been encouraging me to take the time to write, and spend time with my mom. They say that is my job now. I have to remind myself like in school follow the syllabus. It doesn’t all have to be done now. Im glad to be in your group and bible studies. God is clearly using your group to direct and confirm my steps. And your prayers are powerful i treades lightly in difficulties and felt the power of your prayers. Thankyou