March 29th - April 16th, 2021
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Biblical Community; Authentic Redemption Stories
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"As time went on, we caved to temptation; this is where my slow fade started." - Meet Amanda!!!

Equipping women to welcome the fullness of the Almighty to the inmost parts
of our every day lives through studying His Word
and entering into authentic, biblical community.

Our Latest Journey Studies

Enough Day 15 Promised Land Restored

“You are enough” sounds easy and available for our immediate gratification. 
But let’s not settle for the immediacy of what we can muster up 
when what God has promised is glorious. 

You see, God is love. He is worthy. He is Lord. 
God is enough. 

Enough Day 14 Sacrificial Lamb: Digging Deeper

Paul knew, and had experienced in his own life, that Jesus was always the Better, which is why, when writing to confront the Corinthians of their sin, he turned their focus onto the Sacrificial Lamb. (verse 7) Only when we keep Christ, His love, and His sacrifice that we could never repay in focus, do we become repulsed by our sin instead of drawn toward it.

Enough Day 13 Sacrificial Lamb

Israel’s King David, known for his whole-hearted passion for God, his musical ability, his songs of celebration and laments, his sin and his forgiveness, was leading his nation in another Passover feast.

The hingepoint?
The binding of the Passover lamb.

One sacrifice, given on behalf of all, to atone for their sinfulness and free them from the slavery of sin and the cords of death.

Enough Day 12 Humble King: Digging Deeper

We are to take on the attitude of Jesus who demonstrated humble obedience, rooted in love and security, willing to self-sacrifice for those who receive us and those who don’t. We can try to muster up this attitude, but Jesus warns us that without Him, we can do nothing. (John 15:5) We are meant to abide in His love so that we are able to bear Christ’s fruit.

Current and Upcoming Journey Themes

Isn’t it arrogant for God to receive our worship? What difference does worship play in our everyday lives? Grow deeper in praising our God with us!
March 8 – March 26, 2021

Brokenness swirls around each of us leaving telltale shards of pain. Suppose our groans joined with all creation waiting for One who is Enough to redeem?
March 29 – April 16, 2021

Perfectly spoken words by the One known as the Word. Shouldn’t these have our rapt attention? What does Jesus want us to know by studying His Words?
Apr 19 – May 7, 2021

Listen to sisters share about following Jesus from Nigeria, the South, Asia and more! Discover how God is at work around the globe to build His Church!
May 10 – May 28, 2021

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory,
glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.
~John 1:14