Gracefully Truthful seeks to equip women to welcome the fullness of the Almighty to the inmost parts of our every day lives through studying His Word and entering into authentic, biblical community.

Together, we are journeying into Scripture. Sometimes it’s a book of the Bible or other times it’s a theme from a biblical perspective (like prayer or beauty or fear). Each study will start out with Bible verses to read and then a devotional talking about those verses will follow. After each post, you’ll have a chance to join the discussion in the comments and give your thoughts or ask questions.

Lean in, find encouragement, be refreshed, connect with women, and grow deep with Jesus!

Come! Join the Journey!


Studying God’s Word is central to embracing the fullness of His grace and truth into our lives. Journey with us as we dive into books of the Bible and relevant study topics, all deeply rooted in Scripture. Check Today’s Journey for new content every day or sign up below to receive each post straight to your inbox!


Gracefully Truthful is committed to growing authentic, biblical community by sharing ourselves transparently. Discuss the Journey Studies after each post, pray and journal with us on the weekends, and connect with other women just like you through Faces of Grace.


Come! Study with us!
Find encouragement, be refreshed,
connect with women, and grow deep with Jesus!


Ready for a deeper challenge? Share your own faith story on Faces of Grace, invite friends to study with you or to share their story as well!