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The Questions

1) What does it mean to be “meek”?

2) What land will be inherited by the meek?

3) What does “abundant peace” look like in real life?

Psalm 37:11

But the meek shall inherit the land
and delight themselves in abundant peace.

Original Intent

1) What does it mean to be “meek”?
The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, while the New Testament was written in Greek. Both hold interesting linguistic nuances as we unpack this verse from Psalms, which is repeated by Jesus in Matthew. The Hebrew word for meek is phonetically pronounced, “aw-naw” and is described as someone of humble, modest mindset, who prefers to bear injuries rather than return them. What devotion and discipline of heart it takes to be truly meek! As Jesus would later teach in this same sermon, meekness, by the Hebrew definition, would be embodied by the person who turns the other cheek when slapped on one cheek. (Matthew 5:39) Jesus says this person would also gladly give up his shirt when he was stripped of his coat. This is the idea of meekness in the Hebrew language of Psalm 37:11. In the New Testament, where Jesus reiterates this truth in His sermon on the mount, the Greek word for meek is praus, meaning “intentionally choosing to lovingly, gently defer in order to esteem and value another.” Both of these rich meanings point a deeply stirred inner life that relies on strength and character that have long been developed by the Lord God. Only a heart that has grown to love and depend on God alone for justice, strength, and identity can truly be meek.

2) What land will be inherited by the meek?
When we consider how the definition of meek is anchored in a heart of generous giving away, and extending grace instead of insisting on its own way, the idea of gaining an inheritance becomes even sweeter. Jesus picks up this theme when He teaches in Luke 6:38 of the generous person, “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” What a rich gift for those who are constantly giving of themselves for others to experience deeper love and grace! Those who are meek, who give to others, and who don’t rush forward with prideful, bold insistence, generally have fewer conflicts in life and are granted more favor and find deeper happiness in life. They enjoy more of life (ie: land or earth) because they aren’t focused on protecting themselves and their own agendas. Whatever the Lord has given them, they don’t view their inheritance as something to harbor selfishly, but rather as a gift by which to love others with. This attitude of humility reflects God’s own heart of meekness!

3) What does “abundant peace” look like in real life?
This last line in Psalm 37:11 provides the secret for the heart who has learned the discipline of living meekly. The heart of the meek has found solace in relationship with God. In a world where circumstances change, demands on life are incessant, and our “wants” ride a roller coaster masquerading as “needs”, the meek heart intentionally decides to focus on One source of happiness, God Himself. All other sources of delight wane and fade, but joy in the Lord holds fast, bubbling over endlessly regardless of life’s difficulties, fears, or troubles. Only when peace is supplied by God, who does not give temporally as the world gives, can abundant peace be found.

Everyday Application

1) What does it mean to be “meek”?
Unlike the rich depth of meaning behind the Hebrew and Greek words for meek, our English word, and culture, often exchanges the idea of meek with weak. Where Jesus’ audience would have heard and understood strength of character and reliance on God, rooted in a deep understanding of true identity, our western culture ears hear “weak, doormat, passive, lacking confidence and character, unable to stand up for oneself.” First studying the Bible in its original language and cultural setting is imperative to an accurate application to our everyday! Who do you know that lives out the truly meek life according to the psalmist and Jesus? Where have you seen this kind of love modeled for you? Not many of us can raise our hands to that. If you can, tell that person how significant their example is to you! Regardless of whether we have a model in our everyday lives of what it looks like to live meekly, we can all learn from this Scripture and can ask the Holy Spirit to develop our character so we can offer meekness to others in the way we live our lives. Can you imagine being loved by a meek person?! One who listens with grace, who doesn’t pick up the weapon of offense, and who, instead, offers kind love and a safe place to land. This is meek. She who is meek, is far from weak! Her dependence had been carefully leaned up, time and time again, against the steadfast heart of the God who loves her!

2) What land will be inherited by the meek?
The Lord is a generous, endlessly giving God. Nothing He does is stingy or is done out of self-preservation. Just as He gave the Promised Land of Canaan to the Israelites simply because He set His love on them, and not for something they did to earn His favor, so is the Lord lavishly generous to all. But to the meek in heart, these have a deeper appreciation for His gifts. They are free to enjoy them more fully because they realize the gifts don’t need to be horded, but are meant to be enjoyed by sharing. The Lord guards the meek heart by teaching it to generously give, and then lavishing it with the joy of being satisfied by Him. In reality, a meek person isn’t a special personality type or category, a meek heart has been trained by God’s Spirit to love as He loves. The inheritance for the meek person is to find delight in the goodness the Lord brings. They aren’t constantly looking for more, they have found satisfaction and delight in sweet relationship and dependence on God. How can you begin cultivating a meek heart?!

3) What does “abundant peace” look like in real life?
It isn’t easy to stop looking at relationships, material things, bank accounts, or our kids for our hearts to feel at peace, full, and satisfied. But in order to live with real, genuine, peace that doesn’t leave us empty, it is absolutely necessary to practice keeping our focus on Jesus alone. When we fully embrace the truth that God, in Christ, through His Spirit, has given us everything we need for life and godliness simply by knowing Him and regularly investing in our relationship with Him, we find boundless satisfaction and a peace that stays in our hearts, even when feelings or circumstance turn against us. (2 Peter 1:3) Everything except Jesus is temporal and fleeting. If we want true abundance, a happy life, and the ability to love generously without selfishness rearing its ugly head, we must submit to feeding our hearts on the food of God’s Word. We are to commit our lives to discovering the wealth of delight found in knowing and experiencing intimacy with the God of the Universe!

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