Chartier, Rebecca

I believe God has something big in store for me . . .
and He’s telling me to get ready!

This summer I began training for the Kansas City Half Marathon with Team World Vision to raise money for clean water in sub-Saharan Africa. This is not only my first experience with the team, but it’s also my first experience training for any kind of race. I have never considered myself an athlete. I’ve been content to sit at home and craft or read, so I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. But this is an opportunity to help others and it’s “just” walking. I had a knee replacement September of 2016 and the joint is full of scar tissue; I’d been complaining that I couldn’t exercise, but I can walk.

By completing this training, God has shown me that I AM an athlete! I am out there getting miles done instead of sitting on the couch. I do it even when I don’t really want to, when I’m tired after work or when I don’t feel like getting out of bed early in the morning.
That’s what athletes do.
I’ve lost about 25 pounds and my health has improved, plus I’m learning dependence on God (with each step), determination, and discipline.
Best part: I’ve been able to raise contributions to provide 36 children with clean water!

God is teaching me to live simply, so I’m scaling back on material possessions and reducing clutter.  I have also enlisted the help of a Christian credit counseling service to help me follow a plan to get out of debt. Instead of 15 years, this will only take about 3.5 years.

He’s teaching me humility, possibly one of the hardest lessons to learn.
He uses traffic, an aging parent, and the ladies who I lead in Bible study to make me realize that I’m not in control. (I have a lot to learn in this area.)

Also, and this is a sad lesson, God is teaching me to let go.
I made a friend just a few months before my separation from my ex-husband. I have considered her my best friend for the past 16 years. She has been like a sister to me through the divorce, bankruptcy, the loss of my mom, cancer, and several moves. She and her family allowed me to join their holiday celebrations, and she has encouraged me through seven years of college and grad school. But recently we seem to have drifted from each other. I’m not sure why. But I realize that we are now in very different places in life. The Lord brought new people into her life—grandchildren—and He has been gracious to bring new friends into my life. Maybe God is putting me in a position to make a new best friend.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if the new best friend turned out to be my future husband?

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