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Christmas Themes

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No other season says “hurry, scramble, be busy, and oh please, hurry” like Christmas. 

We all want a meaningful and rich Christmas season, but will we choose to create space in the mayhem to welcome the Messiah?


Silent Night. Holy Night.
Christ was born!

But what about the day before?

Explore “Eve”,
find anticipation,
and look for the Christ
in unexpected places!

Dark moments of thoughts
we dare not voice.

Does God love me?
Is He here?

Confusion and fear
and circumstance,
yet Glimmers of incredible Hope!

Does the familiar Christmas
narrative feel worn?

Rediscover the story
as it’s told through the eyes of those
first Christmas witnesses.

Find yourself Here!

A tender young woman,
an elderly lady,
a manger,
a field of shepherds,
an oppressed people,
all waiting a Savior.

His coming revealed more than anyone imagined!

What if Christ’s birth didn’t begin,
or end, as we think?

Suppose His coming was meant to
usher us into un-ending Life?

What if Advent was for our everyday?

When we sing with our souls, we choose to lay ourselves down, lift our eyes, and worship!

Come and sing; humble your heart, drop your fears and griefs, and lift your voice in Christmas Worship!

There is a Melody whose notes were strung together before creation was birthed, but whose song was only sung in part until the night Christ was born.

Come trace its rhythm through the ages!

Like this: