Gracefully Truthful

Lesley Crawford

My coming to Faith is Simple.

I realised that God was not only someone I could read about from long ago,
but that He was real and active today.

In many ways my story of coming to faith is simple. 
As a child I was taken to church, so I learned about Jesus from an early age and I always believed it was true.

A children’s club I attended from the age of 7 sparked a passion for the Bible.
Shortly after that, I witnessed a miraculous answer to prayer.
I realised that God was not only someone I could read about from long ago,
but that He was real and active today.

At the age of 9, I attended a church service and, as I listened to the minister speaking, it felt as if everything clicked into place.  I understood what Jesus had done, and that it was a choice to respond to that and follow him.  I went home that night and prayed, committing myself to follow Jesus.  For a long time, I didn’t tell anyone and it remained between myself and God, but He made a big difference to my life.

The reason He made such a difference is because, in other ways,
my story is anything but simple.
Despite many positive aspects to my childhood, beneath the surface there was also trauma and pain that remained unspoken.
At the time I made my decision to follow Jesus,
I was struggling with anxiety and an overwhelming fear of death. 

Although I had a family who loved me and wanted to help me, I felt very alone, in a place where no-one could reach me.
Yet, God’s truth was the one thing that seemed
to break through the confusion and provide relief.

It didn’t take away the anxiety, but knowing God meant I had someone to talk to.  Someone who would listen, someone who would understand.
I would lie in bed at night praying when no one else was there.

The fear of death continued but the hope that, if I did die, I would go to heaven and be with Jesus brought me comfort and helped me to keep going.
Gradually, after about two years, the anxiety faded to a more manageable level.

Since then, it has been an ongoing journey of knowing God more, going deeper in understanding of who He is, learning to step out in faith as He leads, and gradually allowing Him into those broken places to bring healing.

God has led me in directions I would never have expected like full time youth ministry, writing, and being part of a new church plant…
I have learned and grown through all of these experiences
and I am excited to see what the future holds
as I continue on this journey of learning to trust Him more!

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