Desperate Weekend Prompt – Week One

Reflective Journal Prompts

1) Make a list of several places you’re feeling desperate. For love, intimacy, connections, etc.

2) Ask Father to show you any unhealthy relationships or expectations that don’t fully rely on Him being the center of your life.

3) Allow Father to breathe life into those dead spaces, cling to the truth of His word and be warmed by His desire to have relationship with you.

A Prayer Journal

Desperation seems to ooze from my life, Lord, and often times I’m not even aware of all the ways I try to substitute something where truly only You can fill me up. Show me my emptiness, Jesus. Make it clear to me now, Holy Spirit, those areas that I am building an idol as I attempt to fill a need only You can satisfy. I need You to be my center, Abba. Without You, nothing will ever quench my deep need for something more.

I praise You for Your provision of a Savior through Your son Jesus! Thank you fro redeeming me when I make choices that don’t please You. Take my tendency to find purpose in my busy schedule and let it be used by You. Let me be comfortable giving You control. I wait in expectation to see Your word come back to You fulfilled!

This Week's Memory Verse and Media

So is my word that goes out from my mouth; it will not return to me empty. ~Isaiah 55:11

Listen to House of Their Dreams by Casting Crowns