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Brenda Earley

Music Has Mended My Heart.

Music has soothed my soul. Music has mended my heart.
Music has been a language spoken from the depths of my spirit. 

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed.
It soothes the mind and gives it rest.
It heals the heart and makes it whole.
It flows from heaven to heal the soul.”
–K.C. Lynn

“Once upon a time,” (no, seriously!) my mom used to tell me, “when you were little, you would sit in a chair, move your fingers across the coffee table as if playing the piano, singing at the top of your lungs.” At the age of 8, I began piano lessons. (Surprised?)

Music has soothed my soul. Music has mended my heart.
Music has been a language spoken from the depths of my spirit. 

Years later, my thirteen-year-old heart was broken by a boy who did not like me anymore. (What is it about boys and heartache?) When I got home from school, homework forgotten, I ran straight to my piano and began playing. I was sobbing, but my heart was soothed, much like David playing his lyre for King Saul. Music was a soothing balm to King Saul’s tormented spirit.

When I was older, my identity was wrapped up in my husband. It was an unhealthy relationship from the beginning.  Suffering on the inside, I lived a different life around others on the outside. Never knowing what to expect day in, day out, I was walking on eggshells. The abuse and adultery had created a brokenness inside. As those years of heartache progressed, again, I ran straight for music. Slipping soundtrack after soundtrack into the CD player, I sang and practiced until my soul and spirit were satisfied, like David. Even in his greatest sorrow, Psalm 30:1-5 shows us David’s heart for music. He was a great worshipper, playing and dancing before the Lord! 

Did you know God made us to love music, too?
He created music for our souls, like the Balm of Gilead, a soothing ointment for our hurts.
He created music for our spirits as a balm of God, a healing oil of salvation, mercy, and grace.
Just like David, God made us for worshipto worship Him alone! 

How does music fill our souls and hearts with healing while allowing God to mend our brokenness? 

While music has always been a part of me, God is the center of my life.
Even in the darkest, most broken spaces of my heart, He has brought healing and redemption to my life.

As a teenager, music has soothed my hurts. As an adult, it has healed my heart. From the music of Amy Grant to the worship music of today, like Rita Springer, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp and others, music continues to be the healing balm to me.
But most importantly, it has drawn me to my Abba Father, my Savior and my Lord, every time.

In the words of one of my favorite artists, Anadara:

Close your eyes
Come with Me,
Lay your burdens at My feet
You’re my child,
My desire, and I’ve come to give you life.
Have I ever failed to rise or set the sun?
Fear will keep you down but my love will overcome
Go into the unknown
And I will light the way.
“Go” by Anadara 

Where has music taken you?
Above all else, how has God drawn you to Him?

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