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Easter Themes

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Last words are famous, often revealing depth and insight into the inner soul of the person who passed.

Christ’s were intentional, loving, and packed with rich beauty so we could know Him more fully. 

It’s the most famous psalm
in the Bible, Psalm 23.

But what does it really mean?

Discover the depth and immeasurable
love of our Shepherd God who gave Himself that we might become His Own.

Walk through the most pivotal moment in history with fresh insight.

Follow 9 different people as they watched the crucifixion unfold before their eyes.

Will you be changed too?

If you had walked with Jesus and
His disciples to Gethsemane before
His redemptive sacrifice on the cross,
what would you have heard and felt?

Join us for Hallel!

Brokenness swirls around
each of us leaving
telltale shards of pain.

Suppose our groans joined
with all creation….

waiting for One who is Enough to redeem?

Can one man pay the penalty for
all sin across all of time?

How do we know sin is conquered?

Come explore the Sacrifice of God
and glimpse the glory of suffering!

Waves of emotion. Swirling circumstances. Roller coaster relationships.

We desperately need a steadfast anchor that will not sway. Discover the Unchanging One! 

We long to be welcomed by a love that exceeds our imaginings.

Within Christ’s sacrifice we find unfathomable love in abundance. In Him, we have a place at the Table. Sit & Feast!

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