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Mandy Farmer
Mandy Farmer
4 years ago

This was one of the first devotionals I read at Gracefully Truthful and I was hooked. Haven’t stopped reading since!

Lois Robbins
4 years ago

In my heart of hearts I’ve been there , struggling deep in despair pouring out my anguish to the Father , and He hears me then and now . He lifts me up and gives me renewed vision to keep running the race for His glory. God is so good…
one thing that stands out is that I do not need an answer but I can rest solidly on His unchanging grace ….

Briana M Almengor
4 years ago

Passing this along to a loved one today who is longing and wondering if/when redemption will come. Thank you for this.

Merry Ohler
4 years ago

There is such encouragement in this story! Praying for your loved one, that the God of breakthrough will make His way known.