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Every redemption story points to the Grand Author who writes the very best stories of all!

I considered myself a strong Christian, yet my faith was untested; I knew in that moment that more would be required of me than Bible knowledge and faithful church attendance.

I married my boyfriend, and almost immediately he started cheating on me. I was also informed I was unable to have children. I promised God I would attend church if He would give me children.

I should be a God-pleaser.
If we obediently offer Christ’s grace to others and ourselves,
both parties will be well cared for.
What a wonderful God to love us so well!

I thought back to the time I was at work and a co-worker pushed me up against a wall, his hot breath telling me there was no use trying to fight, he was in control and I was there to be used by him. 

When I no longer had the strength to hold up the walls around my heart, God gave me encouragement through other people. There were times when I would cry, thinking no one cared; but Christ did.

While music has always been a part of me, God is the center of my life.
Even in the darkest, most broken spaces of my heart, He has brought healing and redemption to my life.

I will live out my purpose every day I am alive, and I will declare that God is a God of third and fourth and twelfth chances! He is a God who loves me, forgives, and redeems me!

I watched my dreams die. All these failed plans and dashed hopes piled up in my heart.
They were like anchors pulling me down, backwards, and under.

The heavy loneliness and despair which had been weighing me down for months vanished and light flooded in. Jesus had been knocking on the door of my life, now He was here to stay forever!

When I was in grade school, a friend invited me to a Christmas service at his church. That was my first time encountering any type of worship. I was hooked and my curiosity grew.

I have struggled with the desire to know God more.  There were times I didn’t understand why I should explore Him deeper. I already knew Him, what more could be learned?

I was rejected, unloved, and alone. When my son was just a year old, we divorced. I went from being a stay-at-home mom and military wife to a single, working mother.

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My view of religion centered on my definition of “good.” During my childhood years spent bouncing between various churches, I believed I was inherently good. 

When I was 20, I found myself pregnant out of wedlock and living far from family. I was bound and determined not to get married just because I was pregnant. It was a hard season. 

“Am I good enough? Am I worth it?”
My whole life I have asked myself those questions.
I’ve always felt like I never quite measured up even though I grew up in a Christian home.

My testimony today is that I never really knew what trusting God was about until there was nothing left to trust in but God alone. Wow! Is He ever a good God! I’m grateful God provided me a faith legacy.

I always trusted in His goodness and provision when I was in need.  I marveled at His forgiveness when I obstinately chose against His will, and I counted on His guidance in everyday life.

My story isn’t mine, it’s God’s! This life, these first-world-privileges, everything, is all a gift and they belong to Him. 
We are privileged to even be a part of His story!

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