GT Faces of Grace Invitation

IMG_6272Sharing our faith stories
is a HUGE step of obedience to
“going and telling” the good news of Jesus.
If you’ve already done it, AWESOME!!
We are beyond-words-excited to be a part of what God is doing in you!
Inviting others to share their story is the perfect next step! Just copy and paste the text below into your email and send it out to at least 5 friends who you feel are
ready to take their own Next Step of sharing Jesus boldly.
Way to be an example, Sister!
You are not alone!


Hey (Friend’s Name)! 

I’ve been engaged for a while with an online women’s Bible study community called Gracefully Truthful. They are serious about really diving into God’s Word and being transformed for His glory. They study deep, but they also encourage the community aspect of growing through prayer and story sharing. I recently wrote down my own faith story on their site because I’m becoming more passionate about telling others what Jesus has done in and through me. Sharing it made me think about you and how so many others would be encouraged by your faith journey as well. Check out the website and let me know if you’d like to share your story too – I’d love to read it and study with you!

(Your name and personal closing)

P.S. Just in case the idea of sharing your story is overwhelming, here’s a link to help you get started!

Me? Write my story?!

As a bonus, a Faces Editor will work with you to polish your story and make it exactly how you want it!