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Take His Words Farther
as together, we go global with the Hope of Jesus and the study of #hisWordsBeforeOurs

Melodye Reeves
Melodye ReevesFlorida, United States
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More than I could have imagined, my participation with GT has been significant in deepening my passion for the Word of God.

Through GT studies, I have been challenged and inspired to confess with Job, ‘I have not departed from the commands from His lips; I have treasured the words from His mouth more than my daily food.’ ‭‭Job‬ ‭23‬:‭12
Lois Robbins
Lois RobbinsNebraska, United States
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GT has been the vehicle that God has used to draw me deeper into the study of His Word, causing me to grow in my faith, becoming deeply rooted like a tree planted by the water. My soul is constantly nourished! (Jeremiah 17:8)
Georgia Herod
Georgia HerodMissouri, United States
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GT women have both encouraged and challenged me with transparency in sharing their stories with gentle laughter, unbidden tears, and fresh hunger to draw near to the Father.
Mandy Farmer
Mandy FarmerGeorgia, United States
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It has been a thrill to write for GT.

As a Digging Deeper author, I find that I truly miss the deep studies if I am not writing.

I was initially impressed that they are committed to reading the Scriptures first.
Michelle McCracken Brown
Michelle McCracken BrownNorth Carolina, United States
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I have been encouraged by Gracefully Truth to continually start my day with God’s word before anything else.

He is the source of life and the reason I even opened my eyes. He deserves my attention, praise, and gratitude.
Rebekah Hargraves
Rebekah HargravesTennessee, United States
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I have walked through some challenging seasons over the past couple years from friendship breakups to my husband’s recent deployment.

Through it all, Gracefully Truthful has been used by God to be such a balm to my soul.

Take A Stand For Biblical Truth

Partnering with Gracefully Truthful means taking a stand for solid biblical teaching, equipping churches around the world to study Scripture well, and encouraging women everywhere to read their Bibles and apply God’s Word to our everyday lives.

Together, we are encouraging, equipping, and edifying women to study the Almighty, to know Him, and to share Him!


Why We Journey...

Everyone has been handcrafted to hunger for depth, significance, and purpose. As we’ve studied God’s Word for ourselves, we understood the beautiful reality of God’s desire to be known by us. Deeply Known. And the access to knowing Him is through the simplest forms of prayer and Scripture reading in the context of biblical community. 

This knowing of the Lord God changes everything. We longingly ache for women everywhere to be equipped to prayerfully study God’s Word and embrace the fullness of the Almighty in our everyday, ordinary lives.

Our History...

We launched our first Journey Theme on July 18, 2016 with a leadership team of six women who were passionate about equipping women to study and apply Scripture.

Today, we have 501(c)3 non-profit status and our team is nearly 50 strong, but our mission remains the same, to encourage and equip women to study and apply Scripture to their everyday lives. 

Our global team has included authors from:

+East Asia
+United States
+South America
+Trinidad & Tobago

Along For The Ride...

It’s one of our favorite phrases at GT meaning that wherever the Lord leads, or stops, “we’re just along for the ride.” We prayerfully dream of what might come, but we hold these plans loosely before the Lord.

Some of our dreams include:
+Global Mobile App 

+Hosting local church equipping conferences around the globe 

+GT Study Books available in local churches around the globe

+Partnering with local ministries to share Jesus around the globe

+Publishing each of our 110+ Journey Themes as study books

Who We're Reaching...

Never did we dream as a small group of four women in January of 2016, that we would one day have the privilege of telling such amazing stories of what the Lord has done! 

We Hear From:
+Pastors in the interior of India using GT Studies as sermons

+Pakistani women studying in secret

+Churches in Greece using GT Study Books

+Study groups in Nigeria

+Youth in Scotland

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