Gracefully Truthful


Read His Words Before Ours!

Exodus 33:13-23
Exodus 34:5-9
Psalm 20:1-7
Isaiah 30:27-33
John 17:1-19


Yahweh. YHWH. The moniker God claimed as His own is most commonly translated as “LORD,” out of respect for the very holiness of the name. “Yahweh” is used many times throughout Scripture, including in the account of creation. However, the emphasis God placed on the name when He first revealed it to Moses, personally, on two separate occasions, reveals much about His character.

In Exodus 6, God spoke to Moses about how He would deal with Pharoah’s resistance, and told Moses who He was with great intention. Through the context of the words He spoke, we know the Lord places great value in His name. He reminded Moses He had appeared to other men before him, but He pointed out how this interaction with Moses was different from previous experiences.

God is unchanging, but there will always be more to his character than we have previously known, because he is God. In this moment, He wanted to reveal more to Moses, and to us. In this moment, He chose to reveal the tangible reality of His immediate presenceHis very nearness. From the beginning of creation, God has always invited His people into personal relationship with Him.

We see His heart for mankind evidenced in every page of Scripture…

He walked through the garden in the cool of the day,
and He spoke to and cared for Adam and Eve (even when they chose self over submission).

He fulfilled every promise He gave Abraham (even when he chose his way over God’s way).

He provided for the Israelites (even when they were griping and complaining in the wilderness).

He called David a man after His own heart (even after he succumbed to lust and killed a man).
He sent His very Son, Jesus Christ, to live a sinless life and be crucified on the cross as payment for all sin (even though not all will choose Him).

But what sets this name apart and above the rest?
In “Yahweh,” God reveals personal relationship has always been and will always be His heart for us. It may be tempting to try to divorce the God of the Old Testament from the God of the New Testament, but nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus is often referred to as Emmanuel (God With Us). This is true, but we can’t ignore the truth that God has always been “With Us.”

Over and over throughout the course of Scripture, we see His pursuit of mankind. He has never merely wanted our obedience, or our tithes, or our actions, or our words, or our praises.

As a young woman, when I turned and walked away from Him, He pursued me. When I walked far and long, and turned my back on all the things I knew to be true and right, He never left me. He called me, and He kept calling me. He never closed His eyes, or turned to look away.

Even when I didn’t answer.
Even when I couldn’t answer.

Even when I didn’t face him.
Even when I couldn’t face him.

And the same is true for you, too, Love.

He’s after our hearts. He’s always been after our hearts. And because He’s after our hearts, when we surrender our hearts and lives to Him, He loves to show us He alone is both Yahweh and Emmanuel to us.

In our broken relationship,
and our broken heart,
and our broken home.

In our sickness,
and our loss,
and our grief.

In our waiting,
and our longing,
and our not enough.

He is right here with us in it all. 

Steady and sure. Whether we know Him already, or haven’t yet given our lives to Him, He waits for us to turn.

Away from our sin,
and our reasons,
and our distractions,
and ourselves,
and to the only One who will ever be able to fulfill our great need.

To Yahweh!

Father, you alone are Yahweh. Your nearness is my good. Today, I repent of attempting to meet a need only You can fill in my own way. You know my needs, and I trust You will provide. I want to see Your kingdom come in my life and here on earth. Help me to yield to what You’re doing in my life and heart and mind. Everything I have is YoursIn Jesus’ name, amen.

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