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Matthew 13:44-46

44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure, buried in a field, that a man found and reburied. Then in his joy he goes and sells everything he has and buys that field.

45 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls. 46 When he found one priceless pearl, he went and sold everything he had and bought it.

The Original Intent

1) Why was the man willing to sell everything for this treasure he found? (verse 44)

Though Jesus’ parable doesn’t specifically describe what the man found in the field, we know he found it to be of extreme value. This wasn’t something he intentionally went looking for, rather, he happened to stumble upon his grand discovery.

Once he found it, he knew its high worth and was willing to bury it again in the field, keeping it hidden and protected, while he went to sell everything he had in order to purchase the field. In this way, he could be certain the treasure he had found would be his forever.

The Everyday Application

1) Why was the man willing to sell everything for this treasure he found? (verse 44)

The man in Jesus’ story found a treasure he knew was more valuable than anything he owned or could ever own. It was so valuable, in fact, he was willing to part with everything else in his life in order to gain this single treasure. Jesus intended His hearers to understand the Treasure to be Himself as the fullness of God.

We have access to Him through His sacrifice where He paid the death penalty we deserve because of our sin so we might be reconciled back to Him. This Treasure had been hidden away in the Old Testament for centuries. Jesus wanted those listening to understand they could “dig” into the “field” of the former prophecies and historical narrative and even the Law in order to find the True Treasure.

When we discover Jesus and the Truth of the Scriptures, we are urged to surrender all we have for the vast richness of Christ! (Philippians 3:7-8) Of believers in Jesus, Matthew Henry writes, “upon gospel terms, buy this field; they make it their own, for the sake of the unseen treasure in it. It is Christ in the gospel that we are to have an eye to.” 

When we understand Truth, recognizing its supreme value, we must make it our own. However, unlike the man who bought the field, our treasure of Christ is not meant to keep to ourselves, but instead share it with the world!

The Original Intent

2) Who is the merchant? (verse 45)

An experienced pearl merchant knew exactly what to look for, and he was intent on finding the “perfect pearl”. His life’s work was to know what a perfect pearl looked like, and then pursue that.

Pearl merchants knew the worth of each pearl they encountered, and they knew the price to pay for it.

Unlike the man who wasn’t expecting to find a treasure in a field, this merchant is actively seeking out the ultimate pearl. On finding it, he knew he had found a treasure worth a lavish price tag. He was willing to sell all he had in order to own the priceless pearl.

The Everyday Application

2) Who is the merchant? (verse 45)

This merchant knew exactly which pearl he was pursuing and would stop at nothing to obtain it for himself. Of this pearl, Matthew Henry writes, “a Jewel of inestimable value, which will make those who have it rich, truly rich, rich toward God; in having him, we have enough to make us happy here and forever.”

As believers, we understand that in discovering Jesus and the truth of who He is, we have more than enough. Possessions and money are worthless in comparison to having the Treasure of God.

There will never be anything more valuable to gain or pursue. Those who have pursued many things, seeking satisfaction, and finally finding Christ are the merchant from Jesus’ story; these people have found the Pearl of Jesus and have understood its supreme value. We don’t need to chase anything else.

The Original Intent

3) What can be learned from these two parables?

Jesus often taught in parables, or stories, throughout His earthly ministry. In these stories, Jesus used common things His audience would easily relate with in order to bridge to deeper spiritual truths.

In this passage, Jesus wanted His audience to understand the inestimable Treasure He was about to offer them by dying in their place and paying the ultimate price for their sin. He also wanted them to understand the extreme cost of following Him once they understood the true value of embracing Him as Savior.

While those listening to these parables did not fully understand them in the moment, His disciples came to understand them after His death and resurrection. They knew that following and obeying Jesus would cost them greatlymany paid with their lives.

The Everyday Application

3) What can be learned from these two parables?

Both the treasure in the field and the pearl cost a great deal to obtain. Jesus came as God in human flesh to pay the ultimate price for sin with His life that we might be set free from sin and shame. In order for us to spend eternity with God, this price must be paid, because God is just and righteous.

This payment cost God His only Son. While there is nothing we can “do” to “purchase” this gift of salvation, there is a cost involved in following Jesus. (Luke 14:26-33) When we understand who Jesus is, we realize the cost is worth it. We become like the merchant and the man who bought the field when we realize the value of the Treasure of God and are willing to pay the cost.

Just as these men were willing to part with everything in order to have their treasure, we too must be willing to part with everything in order to follow Christ. It isn’t going to be easy, and we may often question the cost, but as we become more like Jesus we will never regret the choice to pay the price and follow Him in full surrender!

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