Journey Group Sisters

Journey Groups
Journey Groups are designed to build biblical community and equip women to study and apply Scripture to their everyday lives, whether they’ve crossed the line of faith or not. They are intentionally designed to stay small in order to create safe community experiences promoting deep, real-life sharing.

Once a week, Journey Groups will gather to chat about their lives and what they’ve studied. Depending on your Journey Group, you might meet in-person or virtually with women from around the world!

The Journey
Journey Group Sisters are encouraged to read the daily Journeys online and keep a journal with questions or notes from your personal study time throughout the week. Your leader will provide you with details on how to stay connected with each other during the week.

What do weekly Gatherings look like?
You can expect real-life conversation and encouragement, space for prayer, and Scripture study. Journey Group Gatherings aren’t a “checkbox exercise”, but an opportunity to intersect the fullness of God with our everyday lives.

How long do Journey Groups stay together?
Our goal is to build rich community around the truth and grace of Scripture. Groups will study together for a minimum of 6 weeks (2 Journey Themes). At the conclusion of this time, Journey Groups may decide to stay together for additional studies either online or by ordering Journey Theme Books. They may also decide to un-group and begin new groups. If Journey Groups stay together for the long haul, around the 9-month mark, we will encourage these groups to close out and pray for new groups to grow from it!

When will my Journey Group start?
Start dates are determined by the leader of your Journey Group. Once you register, we will connect you (and your friends) with a group leader who will be in contact with you for a start date and more details.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes! We hope each Journey Group Sister will invite a friend. In fact, we’re praying you will invite a friend who doesn’t know Jesus, has never studied the Bible, or who has only recently become a Christ-follower.

What if I’ve never studied the Bible before?
Spectacular! Journey Groups are designed to be a safe place for all of us to ask questions, poke holes, get curious, and dig deep as we explore the God who pursues our hearts!

What if I’ve been a long-time follower of Jesus, will this group be boring?
Definitely not! Discipleship is the heartbeat of our Journey Groups, and we believe every woman will grow deeper with Jesus as they study Scripture in the context of biblical community. We are each called to be disciple-makers, and we each have next steps to take in that journey of growth. Journey Groups provide a sweet environment of depth regardless of how long, or short, you have walked with Jesus!

We’re high-fiving you! (and we’ve already been praying for you!)

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Journey Group Sisters