Journey into Flourishing

May 29 – June 16, 2017

Day One – The Goal of Love
Day Two – The Goal of Love: Digging Deeper
Day Three – Beautiful Mystery
Day Four – Beautiful Mystery: Digging Deeper
Day Five – Life in the Body
Week One – GT Weekend!
Day Six – Truth Holders
Day Seven – Truth Holders: Digging Deeper
Day Eight – His Flourishing
Day Nine – His Flourishing: Digging Deeper
Day Ten – Guarding The Gospel
Day Ten – Guarding The Gospel: Digging Deeper
Week Two – The GT Weekend!
Day Eleven – Everyone Belongs At The Table
Day Twelve – Everyone Belongs At The Table: Digging Deeper
Day Thirteen – Our Double Edged Sword
Day Fourteen – Our Double Edged Sword: Digging Deeper
Day Fifteen – Speak Life
Day Fifteen – Speak Life: Digging Deeper
Week Three – The GT Weekend!