Journey Into Inheritance

April 17 – May 5, 2017

Day One – I Hear Those Chains Falling
Day Two – I Hear Those Chains Falling: Digging Deeper
Day Three – His Abundance Is Waiting For You
Day Four – His Abundance Is Waiting For You: Digging Deeper
Day Five – Heavenly Love
Day Five – Heavenly Love: Digging Deeper
Week One – The GT Weekend!
Day Six – He Is Mine
Day Seven – He Is Mine: Digging Deeper
Day Eight – I Am His
Day Nine – I Am His: Digging Deeper
Day Ten – Deeply Delighted
Day Ten – Deeply Delighted: Digging Deeper
Week Two – The GT Weekend!
Day Eleven – The Trap of Complacency
Day Twelve – The Trap of Complacency: Digging Deeper
Day Thirteen – The God Box
Day Fourteen – The God Box: Digging Deeper
Day Fifteen – Kingdom Now
Day Fifteen – Kingdom Now: Digging Deeper
Week Three – The GT Weekend!