Journey Into Passionate




Day One – Last Words
Day Two – Last Words: Digging Deeper
Day Three – Father, Forgive Them
Day Four – Father, Forgive Them: Digging Deeper
Day Five – You Will Be With Me
Day Five – You Will Be With Me: Digging Deeper
Week One – The GT Weekend
Day Six – Behold, Your Son
Day Seven – Behold, Your Son: Digging Deeper
Day Eight – Forsaken
Day Nine – Forsaken: Digging Deeper
Day Ten – I Thirst
Day Ten – I Thirst: Digging Deeper
Week Two – The GT Weekend!
Day Eleven – It Is Finished
Day Twelve – It Is Finished: Digging Deeper
Day Thirteen – Into Your Hands
Day Fourteen – Into Your Hands: Digging Deeper
Day Fifteen – Power Poured Out
Week Three – The GT Weekend