Journey Into Safe

Aug 15 - Sept 2, 2016

Aug 15 – Sept 2, 2016

Day One – Be Careful!
Day Two – Be Careful: Digging Deeper
Day Three – From Faith to Freedom
Day Four – From Faith to Freedom: Digging Deeper
Day Five – But If Not
Day Five – But If Not: Digging Deeper
Safe Week 1 – The GT Weekend!
Day Six – For Such A Time As This
Day Seven – For Such A Time As This: Digging Deeper
Day Eight – Do Not Be Afraid
Day Nine – Do Not Be Afraid: Digging Deeper
Day Ten – That You May Know
Day Ten – That You May Know: Digging Deeper
Safe Week 2 – The GT Weekend!
Day Eleven – A Love Without Fear
Day Twelve – A Love Without Fear: Digging Deeper
Day Thirteen – People of the Cross
Day Fourteen – People of the Cross: Digging Deeper
Day Fifteen – Faith Over Fear
Day Fifteen – Faith Over Fear: Digging Deeper
Safe Week 3 – The GT Weekend!