Justice Day 5 Used and Consumed: Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper Days...are a pretty big deal at GT!

We search God's Word together, ask questions as we read, dig around to find the original intentions at the time of writing, and then make some applications to our everyday lives.
Along the way, we hope you'll pick up some new tools to study Scripture and you'll see truth in a new and accessible way!
Dig In!

The Passage

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Song of Solomon 2:1-4 English Standard Version (ESV)

(She) I am a rose of Sharon,
a lily of the valleys.
2 (He) As a lily among brambles,
so is my love among the young women.
(She) As an apple tree among the trees of the forest,
so is my beloved among the young men.
With great delight I sat in his shadow,
and his fruit was sweet to my taste.
He brought me to the banqueting house,
and his banner over me was love.

The Questions

1) What is the context and purpose of Song of Solomon?

2) How does the woman view herself?

3) What does this passage reveal about God?

The Findings for Intention

1) What is the context and purpose of Song of Solomon?
Song of Solomon is perhaps the most unique book in the Bible as it delves into the heart of human emotion and relationship from the vantage point of marital intimacy. Though some scholars, uncomfortable with the blatant physicality of the book, hold to the perspective that Songs is solely an allegory describing the relationship between God and his Bride, the Church, the book is clear in its celebration of literal sexual passion and love as well. We would miss out on much of God’s character by limiting the scope of Songs to a strict allegory.

2) How does the woman view herself?
The lovely bride is speaking at the beginning of the chapter, describing herself as a rare, exquisite beauty. She doesn’t speak from arrogance, but rather a confident knowing of who she is. Her confidence doesn’t come from comparing herself to others and elevating herself, but her worth is found in knowing who she is and being comfortable and satisfied with that knowing.

3) What does this passage reveal about God?
God is an intimate, relational, tender-hearted God who cares deeply about both human relationships between each other and His relationship to us. He sees us not only as having intrinsic value, but worth and beauty and vibrancy, completely independent of anything we do. Phrases like, “A lily among brambles” and “an apple tree among forest trees”, point to the bride as being incredibly unique. God sees each of us uniquely, crafted with purpose and beauty as individuals, and He delights in that fact.

The Everyday Application

1) What is the context and purpose of Song of Solomon?
It can be easy to fall into a pattern of studying God’s Word so that we are “filling up” our minds with rich knowledge of Him, which is excellent, but we are still missing out on actually experiencing intimacy of relationship with Him. This is a tragedy! God is at once, unimaginably higher than we are and closer than our next breath, knowing us deeply from the darkest corners of our heart to the imperceptible rise and fall of our chest with fresh oxygen. Song of Solomon offers a fresh perspective and a desperately needed reminder that our God is an intimate God, delighting over us with ever new mercies, sweetness, and ecstatic love. Take a moment to consider your view of God. Mental and philosophical or relational and close? Challenge yourself to combine both of these and see how God widens your perspective of Him in your life!

2) How does the woman view herself?
As women, the trap of comparison is all too easily to fall into, and we nearly always perceive ourselves as found wanting. But the lovely bride is depicted as having an alluring confidence that does not come across as arrogant or self-serving, rather as a pure delight in who she is. We long and ache to be loved and delighted in for who we are! How would it transform your attitude, and the way you interact in your relationships, if you held unswervingly to the truth that you are indeed delighted in and deeply loved? When asked who you are, the first place our hearts should fly, is how our God tenderly views us. Pause and write down just 4 or 5 ways God sees you that are grounded in biblical truth; hold these tight today!

3) What does this passage reveal about God?
We have a tendency to downplay our gifts and passions, putting them on the back burner and counting them as being in-effective or un-important. Rather than delighting in our uniqueness and exploring the ways God has created and gifted us for His calling and purposes, we insist on holding onto mediocrity. In what ways has the Spirit been inviting you to take a new step of faith? Perhaps He has been giving you the opportunity to boldly walk confidently in the ways He has been calling you. Instead of staying tied to your comfort zone, even if that comfort zone makes your heart feel constricted, the Father longs for you to trust how He sees you and allow that truth to transform your life!

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I Can Do That!

1) Take this passage (or any other passage).
2) Read through it (always more than a verse or two).
3) Write down your questions as you think of them.
4) Ask specific culture related questions and be ready to dig around for your answers. Google them, use www.studylight.org, or look them up in a study Bible and read the footnotes (click on the little letters next to a word and it will show you other related verses!). (www.esvbible.org)
5) Check your applications with other trusted Christians that you are in community with and embrace the fullness of God in your everyday!

The Community!

Thanks for joining us today as we journeyed into Justice Week One!
Don’t miss out on the discussion – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Tools!

We love getting help while we study and www.studylight.org is one of many excellent resources.  Just type in the verse you’re looking at and Boom! It’s right in front of you in English and Hebrew (Old Testament) or Greek (New Testament), which are the original languages the Bible was written in.

Want to know more about a specific word in a verse? Click on “Strong’s Interlinear Bible” then click the word you’d like to study. Find super awesome stuff like “origin”, “definition”, and even all the different ways that single word has been translated into English! If you want to be geeky, you can even click the word and hear its original pronunciation – That Is Awesome!

Want to get more background on a word or phrasing or passage? Click “Study Tools”, then pick a few commentaries to read their scholarly approach, keeping in mind that just because a commentary says it, doesn’t mean it’s true. (just like the internet :-))

The Why!

Finding the original meaning is a huge deal when we study Scripture and can make all the difference in our understanding as we apply God’s truths to our everyday lives.

In our modern-day relationships, we want people to understand our original intention as we communicate; how much more so between God and humanity?!

Here’s a little bit more on why we take Digging Deeper so seriously.

Embracing God’s fullness in our lives is rooted in scripture and memorizing His word is vital to our continued growth and depth with Jesus.
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