King, Lauren

“Am I good enough? Am I worth it?”
My whole life I have asked myself those questions.

I’ve always felt like I never quite measured up.
I grew up in a Christian home. I went to Sunday school, was a part of AWANA, grew up going to all of the church summer camps, etc.
Yet, somehow I had not fully embraced my God-given identity  as “daughter”.

I searched for my worth in friends, guys, and even job descriptions.
I reached out toward others, I strived to be the best I could be, and yet I would continually fall short.  I was always looking for affirmation from the world and never the Father.

I had to learn the hard way.  
Affirmation and worldly favor literally had to be stripped away before I learned to find my worth in God alone.  It took a process of having no one else to run to besides God,
for me to willingly turn to Him for my needs.

I’m so thankful for the trials.  
While I would not choose to walk through them,
what they’ve taught me has been invaluable.

In this season of life, it could be so easy for me to call it quits, to sit back and coast.
The Lord has taught me many things. I have stepped out in big acts of obedience and faith and seen the Lord meet me there.  I’ve been in many places of leadership.
But I refuse to quit chasing after the Lord.  
I refuse to be content and complacent where I am.

There is much work left to be done before He returns,
and I want to be a part of that story!

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