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6 years ago

I do agree with the thoughts that the author has offered here! There is truly nothing in life that we can handle on our own. Nothing! I do also think that it might be okay to address a deeper issue underneath people’s comments. I think that this “deeper issue” is resident in the same comment when it is made in different situations as well. When people say, “I’m glad it’s you and not me. I couldn’t handle that,” they are making a simple statement of judgement against you. In the author’s case they are subtly saying, “you had too many… Read more »

Rebecca Adams
6 years ago
Reply to  Stef

I definitely see what you’re saying here, Stef. I’ve felt the same way when similar comments have come my way. Sometimes, it genuinely feels like they are trying to complement me (somehow), and other times it certainly feels derogatory. Either way, I agree that the best solution is to extend grace. (Easier said than done for sure) Grace because I honestly don’t know what their lives are like (likely I would have more compassion for them if I knew their story), and grace because they likely don’t realize at all how desperately I depend on Jesus. Whatever good they may… Read more »