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Katelyn Palmer

I Have always Had Questions About My Faith.

My testimony involves many phases of my life, rather than one particular moment. I have always had questions about my faith, even when I was little.

My testimony involves many phases of my life, rather than one particular moment. I have always had questions about my faith, even when I was little, but I never knew to whom to take them. While I entered Sunday School at a very early age, it wasn’t long before sports, particularly soccer, took over my childhood. Then church became a priority only on the holidays. 

In college, I tried to find a church on my own, but I faded into the background and none of them stuck. None of my friends and teammates had an apparent connection to the church, so it became easier to focus on academics, soccer, and my social life. 

After graduating, I found myself working for Disney, where I met people from all over the world. I began a relationship with someone from not only another country, but another faith background. While I believe he hoped to encourage me to join his religion of Islam, our relationship pushed me to pursue my own faith questions. Our relationship was strained when he had to move back to his home country, but, of course, it was truly a blessing in disguise. 

In the turmoil, I found myself falling into God more and more every day. In the thick of it, I signed up for a course at my church called Explore. This course allowed me the space to ask all my hard questions, the same questions so many lost people have but are too scared to ask.

Through this class, God shifted my heart. It was a long time coming and I still have a long way to go, but this seemingly subtle shift would change the direction of my life forever – literally. After this class ended, I joined a Bible study group outside the church.

 This study group lasted a couple months until I went on an international trip revolving around soccer and family, but not God. I continued to live lost in these months until I came back and a pastor in my church guided me to salvation. 

My salvation occurred in the library of my church on a Wednesday evening during what was supposed to be a group meeting; not one of the people who RSVP’d showed up, and so by God’s grace, this pastor and I were given the opportunity to dig into my journey, into my questions, and I was given the space to do what God wishes for each of us– I confessed my faith to God and accepted eternity with Him. 

I did not fully understand the profoundness of that night, nor did I know what to do next, but I did know I believed in Jesus and wanted to pursue this relationship. It just so happened that a girl at my brand-new job was in search of a young lady to disciple, and you’ve probably already guessed who she landed on…it was me! 

We became friends and after she heard of my baptism, she took me under her wing and discipled me for several months. Eventually, I was ready to spread my own wings and explore daily quiet time with God, service at my church, and Bible study groups. 

Today, I am still constantly growing – and failing and growing some more – in my faith, so please don’t think this story is over, nor is it wrapped neatly in a bow…just yet. 

Instead, use this as a reminder 

God works in small ways and big ways, 

in obvious ways and inconspicuous ways, 

but He is always with us, 

and it is through our weakness that His strength is made perfect. (2 Corinthians 12:9

Whatever your journey, I encourage you to ask the hard questions and remain engaged in seeking God. However He chooses to use you in this life, the work you do will have ripples that are much deeper and far-reaching than you could ever imagine.

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