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We, as sisters in Christ, leaders, friends, daughters, wives, and mamas, need to pause before the throne and just sit in His glory. We need to breathe Him in.


Need a fresh breath?
Permission to rest?

Pause with us and enter into the pages of Scripture with anticipation of renewal!


As life continues blazing forward
at crazy speeds, we’re pausing
to breathe and drink in the reminder
that God fulfills every promise
and loves us richly.


When all feels broken,
when nothing makes sense
and the pieces don’t fit together,
the Lord has a timely message,
and it’s not to be missed!

Pause with us and listen.


In the pursuit of control,
we spin our days with busy anxiety.
Suppose we were given permission…

To Pause?
To breathe?
To be satisfied?

Would you say yes?


In the darkest of places,
Hope shone bright.

For the imprisoned and persecuted;
for you and for me.

Pause; breathe in joy
that can’t be
stolen, shaken, or dimmed! 

Be Still.
And Know.
That I Am God.

Cease your fighting,
silence all your distractions,
and be captivated
by the stunning glory of the God
who has come to you,
making Himself known.

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