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Read His Words Before Ours!

Psalm 46:10

“Stop fighting, and know that I am God,
exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.”
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Stop and know.
That’s what God says in Psalm 46:10.
But it wasn’t the first place He gave this instruction. He also said it to Moses. 

“Stand firm and see the Lord’s salvation that He will accomplish for you today;
for the Egyptians you see today, you will never see again.”
(Exodus 14:13)

Stop fighting.
Stand firm while the Egyptians are chasing you intent on killing you.
I am sure that was hard to do, but God was clear so Moses chose obedience.  

The “stop” is important for sure.  Stop stressing. Stop worrying. Stop giving power to our problems. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop being scared. 

Stop forgetting who our God is. That is the crucial piece.

Who is He?
The One who brought ninety-year old Sara’s dead womb to life. (Genesis 21:1-7)
The One who “threw Pharaoh’s chariots and his army into the sea.” (Exodus 15:4)
The One who took a young shepherd boy, David, and exalted him as king. (2 Samuel 5:1-4)
The One who saved Daniel from death by lions. (Daniel 6:10-24)
The One who gave the wayward prophet, Jonah, a second chance. (Jonah 2)
The One who saves us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. (1 John 3:16)
The One who is the source of light and life. (Revelation 22:1-5)

Stop forgetting who our God is. Stop pausing our awe of Him. He is worthy of our ceasing so we will stand in reverential awe of Him. 

After we stop, we know. We give God His rightful place as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe for whom nothing is impossible. (Luke 1:37) It’s when we stop, standing still in the presence of our wonderful God, we enter into knowing that He is able. 

Catch what God says; He gives His resume in short form.
exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.” Psalm 46:10 

Exalted because “He made us, and we are His—His people, the sheep of His pasture.” (Psalm 100:3)
Exalted becauseWe know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
Exalted because “Even the wind and the sea obey Him!” (Mark 4:41)
Exalted because He can raise a dead man back to life. (John 11:17-44)

This is just a snippet of what He can do!
Color me awed because there is no one, and no thing, that can, or has, flawlessly and effortlessly accomplished these things besides God.
This is the knowing we should carry with us every day.
This is the knowing that helps us to stop in our tracks and let God be God. 

 “I Am God.” 

This self-giving Name the Lord gave to Himself wraps up everything.
Going back to Exodus, God told Moses,
“I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites:
I AM has sent me to you.”
(Exodus 3:14)

YHWH or Yahweh.
It’s known as the tetragrammaton because it has four letters and is God’s proper name. “The name yhwh specifies an immediacy, a presence. Central to the word is the verb form of “to be, ” which points in the Mosaic context to a ‘being present’” (Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary

I am God. I am present. And I will complete it. 

This is His promise to us. We don’t need to “do the thing”, for that’s His job, which He is happy and willing to accomplish. Our job is to stop and know. 
And then God will be God. 

Words fail me. Just bless the Lord, O my Soul!

Today's Pause Challenge

1) Be a scribe and copy the precious words of Scripture down word for word. Make space in your journal to write down every word of Psalm 46:8-11 today. As you copy, lookup a cross reference or two as you come to them (they are the small letters next to certain words in your study Bible or online at As you write, consider the strength and delight the Lord God holds out to you!

2) Choose one of these options to live boldly with authentic honesty in biblical community. As we grow deeper in God’s Word, the Lord designed us to share and grow with others walking alongside us. 

a) Take a photo of your journal time this week and share it, or share a quote from it.

b) Do a Facebook Live on the GT Community group and share how God has been working in you.

c) Leave a comment here about it.

d) Share something God has been showing you in a comment at the GT Community Group

e) Plan a coffee or lunch date with a friend and share what you’ve been learning and soaking in as you have hit Pause.

f) Write a note of encouragement to a sister who has been through the nitty-gritty of real life with you. Let her know how deeply she has impacted your walk with Christ.

g) For some of us, having a “2am friend” to build biblical community with is a new concept. If that’s you, this is an exciting, fresh place to be! Connect with our Facebook Community, send us an email, reach out to your local church body, seek out a small group and plug in! 

3) Keep working on memorizing Psalm 46:8-11 as you review Psalm 46:1-7!

Close by reading Psalm 46
God is our refuge and strength,
a helper who is always found
in times of trouble.
Therefore we will not be afraid,
though the earth trembles
and the mountains topple
into the depths of the seas,
though its water roars and foams
and the mountains quake with its turmoil.

There is a river—
its streams delight the city of God,
the holy dwelling place of the Most High.
God is within her; she will not be toppled.
God will help her when the morning dawns.
Nations rage, kingdoms topple;
the earth melts when he lifts his voice.
The Lord of Armies is with us;
the God of Jacob is our stronghold.

Come, see the works of the Lord,
who brings devastation on the earth.
He makes wars cease throughout the earth.
He shatters bows and cuts spears to pieces;
he sets wagons ablaze.
10 “Stop fighting, and know that I am God,
exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.”
11 The Lord of Armies is with us;
the God of Jacob is our stronghold.

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Pause VII, Day 12

Let’s slow down long enough to remember Whose words we are reading.

These words, when brought to the life by the very Breath of God, can cut our hearts to the quick, bring us to our knees, or fuel us to do incredible things for Him!

Let’s not miss this!

Father God, we come to Your throne in this moment. We want to know You, to really know You. Help us drop our pretenses, help us recognize and discard the distorted lenses we are wearing, and empower us to understand more about You in the next few minutes than we do right now.

We believe you want this for us and we know You will show us Yourself so, here we are, asking You to do what should be impossible, for human beings to know the Almighty God. Because of Jesus, we ask these things. Blow us away, Lord God, with Your abundance!

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