Gracefully Truthful

Question Themes

Currently 7 Question Themes

What do you believe?

Can you explain it to someone else?

Why are the foundational beliefs so important anyway?

Explore and be challenged!

If we say we believe the Bible,
how does it color our everyday?

Come pull back the century-old
curtains of biblical foundation.

Discover Sola and own your faith!

Social injustices plague our
countries, cities, and streets.

God grieves for the battered,
the used, and abused!

He calls us to love;
He calls us to Justice!

Christianity shares similarities with
several other religions.

Do all roads lead to Heaven?
Why or why not?

Journey with us as we explore
nine belief systems!

We all wrestle with questions
about God and the Bible.

Why doesn’t God heal everyone?
What’s the point of praying?

God isn’t afraid of our honest seeking!

Can I make sure God hears me?

How can a loving God send people to Hell?

Isn’t Christianity like all other religions?

Come explore these questions and more!


Suppose we dared ask “what if”
about God’s character and claims?

What if evil could die?
Did Jesus really rise?
Can God excuse sin?

Explore the If with us!

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