Gracefully Truthful

I have been married for twenty years to the man of my dreams, Chris.
It hasn’t always been “amazing” and he hasn’t always been “dreamy”, but Jesus keeps on faithfully making us new.

Together we have eight beautiful children, one that runs with Jesus and seven that run around our house, keeping us humble and insane.

I love the gospel and I love seeing Jesus transform lives, because He keeps transforming me.  With incredible, boundless love delivered by the profound mystery of the Almighty’s grace and truth through the unpacking of His Word, He sanctifies us every day.

To be more like Jesus, to know the power of His resurrection in everyday life, and to simply sit with Him, these are the longings of my heart.

The Lord has also given me very good gifts, which I absolutely enjoy like
running (especially in the rain),
good coffee (especially brewed by my man),
reading good books (especially theology ones),
laughing with my kids (they are the best humans),
and dating my husband (because I adore that man!).

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