Sara Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Sara! I’m a twenty-something wife and mama that lives outside  of Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been married for almost three years and have  two babies, one in Heaven, and one that’s nine months old. I’ve been a  long time writer, as my journals and the unfinished documents on my  computer can agree, but haven’t publicly shared up until the last few  years.

My heart is for girls and women alike, that they would know who God  is, and who He has called them to be. Through my own journey I have  been tested more times than I can count, but I’ve tried my hardest to  let Jesus shine through in all circumstances.

I love missions, as I’ve spent a collective year in East Africa, as  well as weeks in Jamaica and El Salvador. Is was in those months where  the Lord softened my heart to all He was preparing for me… It also  doesn’t hurt that I met my husband on one of those trips.

I love writing, singing, Netflix, dancing like no ones watching, being  together with my family, and socially drinking coffee. I’d love to connect with you! Reach me at