Gracefully Truthful

This is Sarah from Central Nigeria, married to Ishaku, a Pastor serving at Church of Christ in Nations. We have been married for 31 years and love each other deeply despite our differences. Our prayer is to live many more years serving God faithfully. The union is blessed with four wonderful children; all grown up and serving the Lord. Three daughters and a son. One of our daughters is married to a lovely young man who loves the Lord.

I have been in ministry with my husband for the period we have been married, and I do lead Bible studies and preach both in the women fellowship and the larger congregation. Prayer is part of my life style, I delight in waiting at the feet of Jesus; to worship him and bring my petitions to him. Every blessed day I present my family to him, for him to preserve their lives both spiritually and physically. God has been faithful to me; he answers my prayers.

I am passionate about helping people know Jesus intimately, and experience his overflowing joy. Many people in our local congregations are still living in sin and frustrated, I pray for them and use any little opportunity I have to enlighten them about the love of Jesus.

Oh, I love Jesus, he is everything to me; he loved me even when I hated him.  His love is so profound, it has broken all barriers in my life and given me access to his joy. His word is my delight, I can’t do without it because that is where I hear him talk to me. Everyday I allocate a portion of my time to study it so that I can hear him better and know him better. I like to teach others the profound truths revealed in the word that is able to liberate them from bondage.

I also do some physical activities such as gardening, brisk walking, and other forms of exercise to stay active and healthy.

If you wish to contact me, I am available at

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