Gracefully Truthful

Meribeth Schierbeek

My heart was a white-washed tomb

All my righteous-to-me acts were truly filthy counterfeit rags compared to the true righteousness of God.

My testimony is one of growing up with all the benefits of a Christian home.
Let me try to explain. 

I grew up in church watching my parents live out their faith by helping their own family as well as their neighbors, church families, and anyone in need. I witnessed the life of a believer being lived out in active doing. I began to understand that true faith was about doing rather than being. My parents had a deep faith that was seen rather than shared, and I treasure it as they did over the years. 

During my younger years, I strove to be the right person while working hard to have the right people in my life. I looked for personal happiness in friends, my spouse, and then children. As a result, relationships quickly became my idols. 

Still, Christ was faithful to continue to draw me with His covenant love, despite my arrogant rebellion. I remember times when God was showing me His Son, helping me see His grace rather than what I could do for Him. It wasn’t until the age of 34 that I finally heard the call to surrender my doing for His sacrifice and His finished work on the cross.

I heard His clear call through one young woman’s testimony. She shared how unbelievable it was for Christ to save her after all she had done and how she had lived. God spoke to my heart showing me the whitewashed tomb I was; the outside (my doing) appeared clean, but the inside (my being) needed cleansing. All my righteous-to-me acts were truly filthy counterfeit rags compared to the true righteousness of God. (Isaiah 64:6)

This woman’s story brought me to the end of myself
and gave me an awe for Jesus and all He did to save His children,
which included me.

Her story drew me into the light of Christ so I could plainly see my desperate need for Jesus despite all the good things I had long relied on for right standing before God. After that day, God has faithfully demonstrated the truth of Ephesians 3:17b-19 in my heart and life. He has continually opened my eyes to see His love, and filled me with Himself. This filling, and knowing, and magnificent love, will not be complete in me until I see His face when God calls me Home. Until then, I keep leaning in to all He IS and all He is making me to be as I surrender, for He is my constant Provider for everything I am and everything I need.

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