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Toni Williams Mars Hill NC
Toni Williams Mars Hill NC
5 years ago

So guilty of trying HARD to “stay in the lines” and not call too much attention when “that one outside the lines” is peering in and wants to be included. I pray for our “church groups” to be more open to those who don’t look like them, talk like them. Smell like them etc. Let’s all try a little harder to step outside the lines and include those who are looking to Belong. To belong to the one who gives us grace and mercy each day.

5 years ago

I loved this journey study …. Touched my soul. Loving beyond my lines is a daily challenge . However I have found that as I age It becomes an easier task to break through the wall that challenges me to step outside the lines , the older I become the stronger and brighter the fire burns inside of me to be bold , to share His message to all I meet .
Continuing to Grow in Grace
Thank you for your study and sharing of Life