Gracefully Truthful


Read His Words Before Ours!

Ruth 4:14-17
2 Timothy 1:3-7
Psalm 37:23-29
Deuteronomy 7:7-9
Proverbs 16:31

“A grandmother creates memories in a family that will be part of its legacy forever.” 
-Author Unknown

Wow! I never thought this time of my life would come. Grandmother-hood. It wasn’t the way I envisioned, but God already knew! (Really, God, are You sure?)

It’s not like I already had my life planned. (Wink, wink) Shhh, come on, many of us wanted to grow up, graduate high school, go to college, then get married and three years later, have a baby or two. (Wait, Lord, I just want to see them grow up, get married, have babies too!)

Did you hear a boom? Were those fireworks or dynamite? Yeah, that was my wake up call. Nothing like your daughter and her boyfriend informing you they’re having a baby. Talk about blindsided? Discouraged? Humiliated? (Not the way I planned it, God.)

My plans were for them to get married, make a home, and then announce two years later: “baby coming” with the cutest little shoes or even a Grandma t-shirt: Est. 2024, right? Then feelings like exuberance, encouragement, and anticipation would be accepted. (Wait a minute, God!)

While the road to grandmother-hood was not the one I’d anticipated, God did create me for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14), right? (Then why do I feel this way, God?) There has to be a reason for this GRAND. So, am I? Yes, I am her. She is me. 

She is GRANDmother! 

She prays. 
My Gram would say, “Well, I may not be able to do anything physically, but I can pray.” And pray, she did. Not a day went by that her knees would not bend and her prayers were not raised to her Father. Then she would lovingly ask, “How are things?”, because her faith made her certain her prayers were effective. (James 5:16)

A grandmother’s never-ceasing prayers are heard! How? She has had more years behind her and she has come to know that prayers bring peace because the One who hears is the Prince of Peace. (Philippians 4:6-7, Isaiah 66:12-13) Now, she has the wisdom to lift up her family in prayer, knowing her Heavenly Father is present and engaged!

She gives wisdom. 
My family liked to call this wisdom, “Gram’s psychology.” It was subtle, yet powerful. She would use her psychology and then give a meaningful illustration. Eventually, you would come around and see her wisdom! Her advice, if asked, was always lovingly given, never forced. 

She loves.
“Grandmothers always have a way of making everything just a little bit better with their special brand of unconditional love and support.” 
-Author Unknown

Whether a listening ear over a cup of coffee or a bear hug with an extra squeeze, we knew and felt Gram’s love in every interaction.

In the Old Testament, we see an example of grandmother-hood in Naomi. God was at work,  redeeming Naomi’s story of tragic loss when she became a grandmother to Obed. Naomi helped Ruth, her daughter-in-law, nurture her grandchild, and “became a mother” to him. She dearly loved him and it showed! (Ruth 4:16)

She leaves a true legacy.
My Gram left a true legacy. She walked out her faith and shared the Gospel with others. Similarly, in the New Testament, we learn of Lois, Timothy’s grandmother, who was diligent in Timothy’s upbringing. Lois shared this responsibility with her daughter, Eunice. (2 Timothy 1:3-5) Both began teaching and training young Timothy in the gospel in preparation for his ministry within the early Church. Both practiced their faith so Timothy would know God’s truth. 

My Gram was a rock for her family, standing on the promises of God’s Word and consistently praying for each member by name. In our own experiences and in family stories told to us, her faith shone. Her face was a beacon of God’s light. Her hands were always helping. Her words of wisdom were never ending. Her hugs were explosive! The care she showed was reflective of her faith. 

The mark of a GRANDmother is fruitful, for it spreads through her own generation and on to her childrens’ children. She may have grown older, but she continues to experience God’s presence and to declare His righteousness, strength, and power. (Psalm 71:17-18) There is nothing more important than her personal and vibrant faith modeled before her grandchildren. This is true legacy! 

You see, God knew I would one day share my wisdom and my love on a GRAND scale! He knew I would take the time to love, care, and nurture with more patience. He understood the enormous amount of love I would be able to give, because He demonstrated love to me too. (Romans 5:8) Since God gives His wisdom to all who ask, He knew I would have plenty of wisdom to offer. (Job 12:12-13) Gram showed me how. Because I am her. She is me.

We are GRANDmother! 

Sweet sister GRANDmother, what legacy will you leave? For me, I want to be just like her, my Gram, pointing generations to come to Jesus!

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