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Sketched Themes

Currently 10 Sketched Themes

Walk in their shoes.
See the world from their eyes.
Grapple with who God is,
and who they are in His Story of redemption. Maybe even find your own story
mirrored in theirs! 

Explore Rahab, Abram, Jezebel, Pharaoh, and more!

Join us as we peek into unique
perspectives on God,
His glory and purposes for us
from beloved Bible characters
and other historical people!

Explore Corrie Ten Boom, Goliath, Elisabeth Elliot, and more!

People are messy.
Relationships never go as planned.
How is God glorified through our mess?
What can our stories tell others
about the Redeemer?

Explore Leah, Barabbas, Hannah and more!

Ever struggle with believing God
or having faith in His Word? Join
us as we step into the stories of
those who questioned God and
find solid truths in the process!

Explore Nehemiah, Boaz, Sarai, and more!

The greatest pastor, aside from Jesus,
was also the self-proclaimed
“greatest sinner”.
Step into Paul’s shoes and
find yourself in his story.

Explore Saul’s journey to becoming Paul!

Your stories, your brokenness, your shame,
intersecting with the gracious,
radical redemption of a God
who refuses to leave you as once were.

Explore faith journeys of those living in our own timeline!

What does it mean to live the missional life?
Have you ever wondered what it’s
*really* like to go on mission?
Join us for these accounts of real people saying YES!

Explore faith journeys of those who have said yes to living missionally in everyday life!

Do you ever find yourself feeling
broken, overlooked, and forgotten?
These are the stories of those “tossed aside”,
but found and delighted over in the love of Christ!

Explore Hagar, Ishmael, Zacchaeus, and more!

One ordinary man’s life was gradually
transformed to reflect the vibrancy of
God’s own mission and love lived out.
Where might we find ourselves in his story?

Explore the personal faith story of Peter!

He was mocked, sold into slavery,
and treated unjustly at every turn.
Joseph’s life was one of
long waiting for redemption,
but he pointed us to the Redeemer.

Explore the personal faith story of Joseph!

How do we trust God
in the middle of wide-scale devastation?

How does faith grow in the dark?
Can hope flicker in loneliness?

Watch Elijah’s flickering faith 
catch a nation ablaze! 

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