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This Week's Journeys

Romans 12:1-2

Therefore, brothers and sisters, in view of the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your true worship.

2 Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.

Prayer Journal Entry

Ah Lord God, it’s so easy to become smitten by the things we see in front of our eyes every day. It’s so easy to go hours, days, even months without a consideration of the unseen spiritual forces at work using what is seen to lure us away from adoring You in the unseen. Remind me, Spirit of God, remind me daily, hourly, to think of You and practicing dwelling in Your constant holy Presence, which is ready to embrace me as I am.

You are ready to teach me more of You at every moment. The key to turning away from my idols and resisting the power of their pull is to become ensconced in Your beauty. Pull me into Yourself, oh, Magnificent Strength. (Psalm 89:17) You alone are worthy; make all other lesser loves distasteful in my mouth that I might hunger and thirst all the more for Your righteousness! (Matthew 5:6)

I love you, Lord my Strength! (Psalm 18:1)
May my life and lips align with the praise in my heart!

Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


We’ve all done it. Categorized sin. Calling some grievances as “less than” offensive to the perfectly holy God of All. How dare we call good, or even “not as bad”, what the Lord has deemed putrid?

Several months ago, the reality of my own personal sin became shockingly clear, thank you, Spirit of the Living God! It was a rushed kind of morning and I was behind in a million things as is common in my everyday life. Relationship struggles were weighing on me, children’s squabbles filled the air, and seemingly everything that could wrong, did go wrong. Then, as if perfectly cued to bring out my worst, one child asked me a benign question and that was the end of my rope. I snapped rudely, spoke harshly, and carried no grace in my words, my tone, or my body language. Everything about my interaction was centered entirely around myself.

I sinned. I was rude. I was unloving. I was unkind. I lacked compassion. I focused on myself instead of honoring another. I saw none but me, and I certainly didn’t see the Lord. As I saw the shock and sadness unfurl across my child’s face I knew in an instant of my sin.

It was at this very moment the Spirit of God pressed in, “It only takes one sin to earn the penalty of eternal death in Hell apart from Me.” One Sin and my eternity is sealed for damnation apart from Christ and every aspect of goodness, graciousness, and love.

Praise God we have a Redeemer who is willing to forgive our sin because He paid for every single one! (1 John 1:9) Sister, there are no small sins, none. Let’s come to Jesus, confess our sin, and receive the forgiveness He offers so we can be right with Him and walk in His ways!


As believers, we long to be exactly where God has purposed while living out His call for us. As passionately as we desire this, Discouragement can creep in, along with its companion, Discontent. Both of these are sent by the enemy of our souls, and are meant to deter us away from the One our lips say we love.

As I was reading Psalm 119 this morning, I was captivated by the repeated phrases describing the author’s absolute love and total commitment to the Lord’s words, ways, and wisdom. The psalmist refused to allow anything to stand between his heart and following through on turning his feet to the Lord’s ways while rejecting his own. (Psalm 119:58-59) Under conviction, I turned over the question in my heart, “Will my actions, words, and thoughts reflect this same commitment today, or will I prove I love an idol more than the One my tongue calls ‘Lord’?”.

The man who penned the wonderful words and heart-felt commitment of Psalm 119 was also the man who fell prey to Satan’s snare of idolatry. King David began his descent into a sin that would mark his life, his marriages, and would steal away two innocent lives when he stepped away from the leadership role God had given.

All kings were supposed to be at war with their troops, but David stayed back. We don’t know why he chose to remove himself from his rightful place, but perhaps it was discouragement, discontent, over-confidence, or self-doubt. Whatever the reason, David’s departure from the Lord’s wisdom, led him to leave the Lord’s ways and abandon the Lord’s words.

As we rest this weekend, let’s refuse to let down our guard against the sneak attacks of the enemy meant to pull us away from the Only One Worthy of our full worship!


We need the Lord within us in order to worship the Lord rightly for “true worshippers worship in Spirit and in truth.”  (John 4:24) This reality anchored Michelle’s teaching in her Journey Study yesterday, and it should cut our hearts as we reflect on our own worship in regular, everyday life. As Paul taught in Romans 8:15, the Spirit of God within believers cries back to the Lord, “Abba!”, the name of familial intimacy.

If our worship wains, or if we find ourselves worshipping the “emotion of worship” more than the One we are meant to worship, Jesus’ words recorded in John’s gospel should penetrate our hearts. If we are true believers in Jesus and His Spirit truly lives within us, then He will continually be drawing us to worship.

The problem is when we choose to stop listening attentively to His drawing. Michelle pointed us to Tim Keller’s words on realigning our worship. Let’s make space in our weekend for the most important aspect of our lives, the very purpose for which we were made: worship.

What has our attention been given to this week? What does it reveal about that which we have truly worshipped?  What of our prayers, our engagement in conversing with the Almighty, and our response when prayers go un-answered? Consider also our worries from the week. Have our anxieties eclipsed our praise?

Lord, search our hearts that we might come to You in true adoration!
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