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This Week's Journeys

Psalm 57:7-10

7 Purify me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. 8 Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice. 9 Turn your face away from my sins and blot out all my guilt. 10 God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Prayer Journal Entry

Lord, I come before You, knowing I have idols tucked away in my heart. I confess I am afraid to ask because of the cost, but will You show me my iniquities, my sins, my bad attitudes, and my lesser loves I just keep worshipping?

I’m asking You to make these clear to me so I can seek forgiveness, reject these flimsy idols that do not love me back, and find Your healing cleansing for me of this dirt.

I want to be washed clean, Lord. I want to hear Your joy and gladness over my life. Help me, renew my mind by Your Word and Your Spirit.  I need a new heart, a clean heart. I love you Lord, even in all my muck and mire.

I know I don’t see all my sin, Lord, but you do. Change my heart, oh God, to worship You and You alone.  Steady me once again in my walk with You that I may sing and delight in the freshness of Your complete forgiveness!

Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


Not many would readily list “arrogant and self-righteous” as descriptors of our character, but Sarah’s Journey Study on the Arrogant Self illuminates our idolatrous shadows, proving that none stand innocent of arrogance.

We can dress fine, control our mannerisms with calm collection, and present an outwardly submissive, humble spirit while, within, our hearts are darkened with the blinders of self-righteous. Ouch. Only me?

Sarah rightly states that it is “A gentle and quiet spirit that catches God’s attention.”

We do good works, keep ourselves from falling into our definition of deep sin, and consider ourselves to be better than our fellow believer. Without realization, we determine that our good works and less obvious sins have qualified us as more righteous.

Despite our best view of ourselves, God sees our heart.

How easily we slip into judgement of another while neglecting to meet eye to eye with the woman in the mirror. If we were willing to focus honestly upon our sin, we would find it impossible to hold up another’s grievances.

Lord, please change us! Remove the mindset of self-love that puffs up. Banish all ideas of comparison and pride from my heart, keeping me focused on Your grace given freely to all!


Sara builds her Journey Study, Blinded to See, around Proverbs 3:5, while Rebecca unpacks it further in her Digging Deeper Study. Sara pertinently asks, “How do we live out this verse?”

Rather than skipping these words, pause and consider how you would answer.
How do you practically, in everyday life, avoid leaning on and surrendering to your own understanding? Have you considered your own ways to be an alluring idol that must be torn down if we are to follow Jesus?

I certainly am good at clinging desperately to my own understanding with great frequency! It requires diligent, everyday practice to let go of myself and grasp for the fullness of Christ instead.

In honesty, I am currently struggling with this. The path forward is unclear, and I am tempted to wrestle control into my own hands using my understanding. Deep down, I know none of my desires are God-led.

Grappling for control while leaning on our understanding, proves we are actively denying the Truth of God while ignoring the rich benefits available to us through Christ’s wisdom.

What can you do today to combat the allure of leaning on your own understanding while building up your trust in the Lord?


“If we would truly tear down the idols of our hearts, we must deeply know the God who heals the empty places we’ve tried to satisfy with lesser loves.”

Michelle’s words cut to the heart of our love affair with ourselves. I wonder what we might discover if we consider, “How deeply do I know God?” Further, “How deeply do I want to be known and healed by God?”

Are we willing to know Him at great cost to ourselves and the destruction of our idolatrous loves? Shallow walking with Him and meditation on His Word reveals shallow desire to know Him.

Sisters, this truth cuts me to the heart! If you’re feeling convicted, you are not alone!

We usually think of God healing physical needs, but don’t often speak of Him healing emotional or spiritual infirmities because it would mean revealing heart-sicknesses.

We prefer to keep God in a box, far away from our inner shrines full of idols we love more than Him.

Make time this weekend to pray through Psalm 147 as Michelle laid out in her Journey Study while you ask the Lord to reveal your idols and heal your heart.
When we allow ourselves to be known by God, we are freed to become more like Him!

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