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This Week's Journeys

1 John 4:10-11

God’s love was revealed among us in this way: God sent His one and only Son into the world so that we might live through Him. Love consists in this: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, if God loved us in this way, we also must love one another.

Prayer Journal Entry

Lord, I cannot imagine how much you love me! That you show me love in so many ways is a truth that’s difficult to hold onto. Your love story hems me in on all sides beginning with Your death for me, the ultimate sacrifice, where You bore my sins as weight on the cross to purchase my freedom today!

When I’m holding fast to the truth about Your love, I look forward to the Wedding Feast where I can spend all my eternity simply worshiping and delighting in You. Stir up this desire in me, Jesus!

When I dwell on Your agape love, I’m motivated to go and do likewise, loving others sacrificially and unconditionally. Thank you for fueling me with agape so I can love my family, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and especially those who don’t yet trust You as their Savior.

As much as I want to love like You all the time, I confess some days I choose selfishness. Give me the words to reach others for You, and the humility required to submit to Your great love. Let my actions draw others to You as You shine Your Light through my humanity!


Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


Out of nothingImpossible.
The act of creating involves parts and pieces. Yarn…thread… fabric… paint…canvas…words…paper. 
But God
God spoke and everything around us, invisible and visible, came into being. (Colossians 1:16
He also desired to create you. 

What thoughts or feelings do you notice as you reflect on this truth? Do you feel yourself pushing back, ducking your head shyly, or widely embracing these words? Our worth in God’s eye is immeasurable as we each bear His image. (Genesis 1:27)

Since this seems so hard to comprehend, we easily forget it. God created humankind to be in a relationship with Him. He intended Adam and Eve to fill the earth with more image-bearers so He could show His love to us all! (Genesis 1:28He desired a relationship with His creation so deeply that, even after the Fall of sinful rebellion, He became flesh to live among His creation.

Our worth is so inestimable He took all our sins upon His shoulders at the cross, giving His life so we could live forever as His Bride. It’s the greatest love story of all! I stand in awe when I consider the intricacies or grandness of nature. I’m amazed when I remember how loved and esteemed I am by the Creator God! He chose to die for you and me; hold into that truth as you navigate this weekend!



Like Rebekah, I can be drawn in by a good love story. Talented authors allow us to experience lovers both cherishing one another and handling conflict; we find ourselves cheering as the hero and heroine overcome struggle.

In the most perfect love story between Adam, Eve, and Creator God, there was initially no conflict until their fall into sin. (Read Genesis 3 this weekend!) Though God, being perfectly holy, had every right to destroy them, leaving them hopeless in the separation brought on by their sin, He lovingly held out Hope instead. (Genesis 3:15)

Like a developing story line, God wove the theme of His sacrificial love and grace into every page of Scripture, even our own stories! We find His grace showing up in all His relationships with people. In Ephesians we see His clear design for marriage to be a picture of His sacred relationship with the Church. (Follow up your reading of Genesis 3 with Ephesians 5!)

We learn how truly good relationships should be as we look to Christ, the perfect Bridegroom and the greatest marriage of all between Himself and His Bride, the Church. One day, all who trust Christ as their Savior will celebrate with the marriage supper of the Lamb where each believer will have a seat at the table for eternity.


LOVE. Four letters composing a seemingly simple word. On Friday, Sara drew out the complexities of this “simple” word by taking us back to the original Greek, which has 4 words with 4 unique definitions: eros, storge, philos, and agape. Each dimension of love speaks beautifully of God’s design for human beings to be crafted for community with one another and Him.

If we only had eros love shared romantically by Adam and Eve and intended for spouses, we wouldn’t be complete, and we certainly wouldn’t experience agape, the sacrificial, divine love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have the capacity to fulfill and live out each of these dimensions of love as they reflect the Creator God; when we surrender ourselves to God’s Spirit, He empowers us to love like Him! We need His power to help us love our family, friends, a romantic partner, and especially those who are hard to love like difficult co-workers, ones who’ve wounded us, or the cranky clerk at the store. 

Praise God for demonstrating agape sacrificial love and placing that love inside of us when we follow Him. Spend time asking the Lord who He specifically wants you to engage with agape love. Pray for these people and ask the Lord for opportunities to love them sacrificially and unconditionally!


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