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This Week's Journeys

Revelation 21:3-4

Then I heard a loud voice from the throne: Look, God’s dwelling is with humanity, and he will live with them. They will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them and will be their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more, grief, crying, and pain will be no more, because the previous things have passed away.

Prayer Journal Entry

Almighty God, Lord of all Life, You are great beyond all that I could ask or imagine. You are the only God, and there is no cost too great to following You.

Lord, I confess I often choose the comforts and temptations of this world over living my life in accordance with your word. I live as though Jesus Christ was not risen and as though the Holy Spirit does not empower my obedience. I choose dead works over life to the fullest in You.

I ask You to change my heart. Help me to see clearly that obedience is far better than any counterfeit pleasure this world has to offer. Even when my heart is clouded, and I do not desire to do what is right, help me to be disciplined to walk in obedience, counting the cost day by day. Thank You for the hope You promise. I believe You will come again. May I be found faithful in that day.

Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


With every choice we make in life, there comes a cost. For every one thing we decide to do, there are hundreds of other things we are choosing not to do at the same time. We often think of cost as a negative word. If something costs more than it is worth, we would not pursue it.

What is following Jesus worth to you? What is an eternal life in perfect relationship with the God of the universe worth? Is there any cost too great?

Each day we are given the opportunity to choose whether we will work for God’s glory and kingdom or our own. Consider what habits, attitudes, desires, and sins are holding you back from following Jesus with your whole heart. Imagine a balance scale (better yet, draw a picture of one!). On one side, resting on the ground, picture the reward for following Jesus, life everlasting, life to the fullest. On the other side, imagine placing those things you identified as holding you back. Do they even budge the scale?

Take time to thank God for the reward He has prepared for you as you follow Him and ask Him for His help as you count the cost.

Every Easter the calls ring out, “Christ is risen!” And the answer returns, “He is risen indeed.” How it thrills my heart to rejoice in the newness of life that Jesus Christ, our Lord offers us. He does not offer empty promises, instead He gives us completely the life He has proven He can provide. If He had not been raised, His word would mean nothing. We would be powerless to stand against the schemes of the devil. We would have no hope in which to rest. 

Jesus Christ was indeed raised from the dead.
 He is now seated at the right hand of the Father. Because of Christ’s position and power, if we believe in Him, our identity is firmly rooted in Him and the life He gives. Imagine what your life would look like if you really believed 100% that Jesus empowers you with life to the full. What has the Spirit been prompting you to do that is beyond your ability?

Maybe you need to make the first step towards restoration in a relationship. Maybe you have a sin habit you just can’t seem to kick. Maybe God is calling you to open your home to care for orphans. Whatever it is, whether it seems too big or too small, ask the Lord of Life to give you the power to walk in obedience.

A common theme in adventure stories is hope. Humanity clings to hope in times of trouble and desperation. It is a force to be reckoned with. But false hope kills. Hope in something that cannot deliver is worse than the trouble the adventurers face.

We know the world is broken; we feel it deeply, day in and day out. God has promised us this brokenness will not last forever. He will make all things new one day. This is a promise we can put our hope in, because He has already done the hard part by sending His Son to pay the penalty for our sins and raising Him up again. God’s great rescue plan is our ultimate hope.

When you feel the brokenness of the world, how do you respond? Do you focus on your current trouble, or do you remind yourself of the hope that is to come. Spend some time today thinking about what it might look like when God makes all things new. What will it be like to dwell in the presence of Almighty God forever? Then think about how you can be Jesus’ hands and feet here and now. Jesus prayed God’s will would be done, “on earth as it is in heaven.” Ask God to show you how you can be a part of His will on Earth today!
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