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This Week's Journeys

Psalm 113:1-6

Give praise, servants of the Lord;
praise the name of the Lord.
2 Let the name of the Lord be blessed
both now and forever.
3 From the rising of the sun to its setting,
let the name of the Lord be praised.
4 The Lord is exalted above all the nations,
his glory above the heavens.
5 Who is like the Lord our God—
the one enthroned on high,
6 who stoops down to look
on the heavens and the earth?”

Prayer Journal Entry

Healer, Banner, God Almighty, Rapha, Nissi, El Elyon, Jehovah, God, My God.
You are my Deliverer, my Righteousness, my Rescue, my only Hope in life and death. (Romans 14:7-10)

None is like you.
None is more worthy than you.
None but You deserve the whole of my life, my worship, my finances, my relationships, my time, my all and everything in full surrender.

If my generosity, my good deeds, my self-sacrifice for others would please You, I would bring You those, but while those are fragrant fruits produced by Your Spirit, all of it is meaningless apart from the surrender of my gut-being, my soul. You desire the most sensitive, vulnerable, yes, arrogant, part of me, and you desire to make it new, bringing it to life from its love of Death and self-worship. (Psalm 51:16-17)

I beg you, O Christ, to increase my love for You more and more that all I see is You and all I love is You. Here, buried inside Your life, I will live out the love for You and the world around me as You intended. Here is the sweetest of loves and richest of joys.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord, O Most High! (Psalm 113:2-3)

Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


“I want to heal you.” I sensed the Lord’s unmistakable whisper by His Spirit as I drove home across country from a long vacation beachside. It was the dead of winter and my heart felt equally as frozen.

Shredded by pain that ran decades deep, carrying extra body weight that kept accumulating, and feeling the grip of sadness that went far beyond “cabin fever blues”, I knew I needed healing, but I didn’t have a clue how to begin. All I knew was heartsick pain, but Jehovah Rapha knew my name, knew my pain, and knew the cure: Himself.

Over the course of the next year, healing came by trickles and floods; it came through pulling out deep pain and walking through hard healing, but the Jehovah Rapha was faithful to His name.

I’m still under the Shepherd care of my Healer, and I will be until the day He brings me Home to be forever free from the grip of sin, death, and all its ugly consequences.

Spread across the pages of Scripture and the history of Christ-followers everywhere is the trail of stunning healing. Sometimes its bodies or relationships or finances, giving us a foretaste of Glory to come, but always, it’s the heart

I don’t know what kind of healing you need today, but Jehovah Rapha perfectly knows every detail and how to heal you. Will you take the next step and turn over your pain to the One who loves you magnificently more than you can imagine?

I live in the Midwest where storms with straight line winds easily cut big trees like they were slender twigs. Tornadoes are a regular part of our seasonal cycle and heading to the basement during a spring or fall storm is simply part of our rhythm. I’m also a runner who understands there will always be a headwind regardless of when I lace up my shoes.

Wind is our constant, but it’s not always ferocious. Sometimes its gentle breeze frolics beautifully through tree branches; its caress of my hair and skin remind me of the majesty of El Elyon. Though the wind seems reckless, wild, and untamed, I know the reigns of the wind are held within the perfect control of the Creator who authors my life and holds all seemingly reckless aspects of my life perfectly within His sovereign control.

Nothing escapes His rule, not a drop of rain, a tiny bug, a strand of my hair, or the tiniest gust of wind. Hit pause on whatever you’re doing right now and read Job 40-42; I promise you won’t regret it! Doesn’t the Lord’s words fill you with awe of His character?!

Take another pause and step outside to stand still for a full 60 seconds of quiet listening. Still your mind and body and meet with El Elyon, Mighty God, in the space of His creation; He’s waiting for you!

I remember the first time I learned about the Lord being a banner of love over me. I was a teenager in youth group, desperate for acceptance and love. My home life was as a swirl of confusion; I was so unsure of my identity that I went by two different forms of my name when I was with two different groups of people.

Though I was unsure of who I was, who I would become, and my anchor in life, the Lord was not. Every night of my life, He has sung over me. (Psalm 42:8) Every day since I surrendered my sin and shame to Him and made Him my Lord (Colossians 2:14-15), He has led me in a victory parade (2 Corinthians 2:14) while hiding me inside His own Life (Colossians 3:3).

Just as the Lord established the surrendered work of Moses, Aaron, and Hur during Israel’s battle against the Amalekites and flew His banner of victory over them (Exodus 17:8-16), so the Lord has faithfully flown His banner of victorious love over me (Song of Solomon 2:4).

Every day of my life, my Jehovah Nissi has never failed to prove His victory. Are you His, Sister? His banner of love extends to wave over all His daughters and sons who claim His Name!
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