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This Week's Journeys

Psalm 34:11-14

“Come, children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD. Who is someone who desires life, loving a long life to enjoy what is good?

Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from deceitful speech. Turn away from evil and do what is good; seek peace and pursue it.”

Prayer Journal Entry

We all have many roles. But, Lord God, for every role I have, I want to use it to point others to You.

All of my actions and words should make others want to know You more fully. Thank you for the many ways I am allowed to show my faith in and love for You. When I fall short, let the grace You extend be evident to those around me so they know You are loving and good.

May I speak of that grace as well. I pray I will be a good representative for Your glory, no matter my role

Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


When we think of teaching, we often think of a teacher in a classroom. On Monday, Sara stretched our thinking to consider an expanded role to include those we interact with and those who observe us. We are all teachers!

On Tuesday we studied the importance of holy living. If we are always teaching, then it makes sense we should live holy lives. We are able to do this by the same grace and faith that saved us. Jesus saved us from sinful living and has made us people who want to do good works and live holy.

Sara had some great questions to journal for this weekend and beyond. Am I patient and kind or easily frustrated? Am I humble and own my actions, or do I rationalize my behavior and blame others? Do I show diligence or resignation? Am I relying on God or myself?

Choose one or more of the Journey Studies from the “Another” theme and journal how it connects to one the roles you fulfill.


On Wednesday, we considered together the answer to the question, “Who is my neighbor?”. Your neighbor isn’t just one who lives close to you. God actually tells us to love others in 1 John 4:21 “And we have this command from Him: The one who loves God must also love his brother and sister.”

Make a list of five “Shes” who are your neighbors based on the definition we explored on Wednesday. Journal ways you can love each of them, then go do them!

Thursday’s Digging Deeper walked us through Galatians 5:14, where we discovered the overriding concept is this: Loving God and loving others. Dr. Leslie reminds us that “others” also includes our enemies, and enemies are also neighbors!

Write a prayer asking God to help you love your enemies. If you cannot think of an enemy, pray about someone who rubs you raw like sandpaper.

Finally, check out this Journey Study on Prayer and forgiveness because, if we are praying about enemies or sandpaper people, we need to consider forgiveness as a loving act!


Ah, the relationship of sisters. It could be a good relationship or a not so great one. On Friday, we considered some sister accounts from the Bible, namely Rachel and Leah and then Mary and Martha. Carol also reminded us we have a large number of sisters as daughters of God. She encourages us to “lean into repentance, forgiveness, mercy, and grace” in our relationship with all our sisters.

Rachel Jones helped us Dig Deeper into Luke 10:38-42, which is Mary and Martha’s story. The takeaway from this, especially in relation to being a sister, is we need to listen to and learn from Jesus in order to do the things we’re called to do. To be a good sister, especially a sister in Christ, we need Jesus to instruct and direct us, which requires us to sit consistently at His feet with a readiness to learn.

Review Luke 10:38-42 for yourself and make your own notes as you read. Journal practical ways you can be more like Mary. Read some of the stories from Sketched VI as an extra challenge and encouragement.

Which ones do you connect with the most? Pray for those sisters in Christ, then write a prayer asking God to help you be a better sister in Christ.
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