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This Week's Journeys

Colossians 3:23-24

Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not for people, knowing that you will receive the reward of an inheritance from the Lord. You serve the Lord Christ.

Prayer Journal Entry

Heavenly Father, as we close out this study on training, I pray all I have learned will remain with me. You know I struggle with consistency. So, I pray the Holy Spirit will continually nudge me to evaluate my life to reveal how I can better worship you, serve you and others, and grow ever closer to You.

May I spend my everyday moments practicing for that One Day when I will finally be in Your presence, worshiping You forever. Every breath spent on this endeavor is well spent and echoes into eternity! May I never stop pursuing after, and participating in, spiritual training, for here, I come to know You in ever deepening ways.

Help me be an example to others, not for my glory Lord, but for Yours. Praise Your glorious name for the good work You are doing through my surrender!

Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


I often find myself getting busy and eventually, I realize I haven’t eaten or been hungry. However, when intentionally choosing to fast, my attention becomes desperately focused on the necessity of food. Funny how our minds work! 

Not so funny is understanding that Satan is working against us by attacking our discipline of fasting with distraction. For me, I find fasting to be among the more difficult spiritual disciplines. Fasting for various reasons has become trendier in recent times, providing a more comfortable platform for discussion, but spiritual fasting is still often forgotten.

On the other hand, believers who fast can be tempted to look down upon those who haven’t yet practiced fasting. For years, I didn’t fast as I was either pregnant or nursing, and undisciplined in between. The more I leaned into relationship with Jesus, the more convicted I became concerning fasting. I realized I may be missing the movement of God because I was unwilling to set myself aside through prayer and fasting. 

Where can you begin to train in fasting? Try giving up a single meal once a week, then move towards two and three a day. Watch how the Lord shows you Himself in deeper ways and moves mountains with your faith as you physically surrender to Him! 
Written by Carol Graft


It’s easy to become caught up in worship music and think we’ve truly worshiped the Lord fully, but Wednesday’s Journey Study showed us how worship is much more than an experience. Brenda taught us that biblical worship is a lifestyle that glorifies God, moves us to obedience and complete surrender, and cultivates respect for the Lord. Reflect on being sustained by God. Write out prayers of thanksgiving and praise for the ways He guards, protects, and preserves.

As we reflect upon and see the characteristics of God, allowing Him to be everything we need in every situation, we worship! How can you incorporate meditating on God’s character into your daily schedule? As you meditate on those characteristics, find Scripture you can use to remind yourself of these truths about God’s heart so this fundamental understanding will lead our hearts into genuine worship. 
Written by Marietta Taylor


Generosity is almost always associated with giving money. While this is certainly part of generosity, we saw how exercising our generosity muscles encompasses more than finances. A generosity that reflects God’s heart is founded upon intentional and joyful sacrifice. This lifestyle of giving can involve money, prayer, sharing wisdom, or using your talents to encourage and edify the Church.

I remember offering to babysit for our neighbor’s young children so the couple could enjoy their anniversary. My husband and I kept the kids not one night, but two. Something so simple, but richly life-giving to them, and memorable for all of us!

Think of some instances when you’ve experienced another’s generosity toward you. Record what they did, how it made you feel, and how it reflected the heart of God to you. How have you been generous to others?

Remember that being generous is something only God equips us to do. How can you make space in your life to be more generous? Begin by praying about how the Lord may be specifically calling you to be generous and then do it! If you need some inspiration, check out the Open Journey Theme! 
Written by Marietta Taylor
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