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This Week's Journeys

Psalm 37:23-24

A person’s steps are established by the LORD, and he takes pleasure in His way. Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, because the LORD supports him with His hand.

Prayer Journal Entry

Lord, I delight in knowing Your hand is on my life!
Even when I was trapped in muck and mire of struggle, grief, or even the mundane, Your hand has always been upon me! Looking back, I know I haven’t always recognized Your loving kindness toward me or the constancy of Your presence, yet You have remained steadfast.
I praise You for Your faithfulness!

I confess how easily I turn to doubting questions, dismay, or even anger and perplexity when my current situation doesn’t line up with how I view Your plans for me should be according to me. Help me hold fast to the truth that You are always good, kind, and loving. Teach my heart to respond in faith when I anchor into this truth.

In every season, whether waiting, hard, thrilling, or peaceable, You have known my pathways before time began and Your steadfast loving goodness guides me, giving me cause for genuine worship.

In every step I’ve taken, whether stumbling and falling, running and rebelling, or skipping with delightful obedience, You have been constantly present. You have always held me fast, always been ready to teach my heart Your ways. You never leave or forsake Your own; I’m so very grateful, Lord! Bless Your Holy Name!

Worship Through Song

Journal Prompts


Sometimes reading the Bible can feel tedious and we aren’t sure what to do with its words. If you feel this way about Psalm 119, visit Deborah’s Journey Study from Monday as she walks us through each line and provides practical application and solid heart-motivation.

The Lord’s instruction is for each of us, offering to stabilize our path with perfect wisdom. The obedience and willingness to follow is on us!

How have you struggled in reading Scripture in the past? What heart-motivations do you sense when you think about reading your Bible? Take time to journal these out and bring them to the Lord in curiosity of where He will lead you!

Then take a quick read of Alef & Bet with Merry as she helps us unpack some of the rich depths of Psalm 119:1-16 and helps us understand the original culture and audience. The more we know the Lord, the more we love Him, and the more we hunger for His ways!

How have you seen this truth play out in your own spiritual journey? Looking for personal encouragement on heeding Scripture?

Deborah’s testimony reminds us of the value of steadfast following of Christ while rejecting the temptations to sin!

Wondering how to increase your delight in the Lord? Begin with prayer, worship, and regular reading of God’s Word!


Sarah provided us a treasured peek into her personal time with the Lord in what she shared with us on Wednesday’s “Gimel & Dalet” from Psalm 119:17-32. If you haven’t read these 16 verses, do it now!

While you read, write down a few words that stick out as curious. What is interesting about those? Have you ever experienced those “fear of falling” moments Rachel described in her Digging Deeper Study on Thursday?

She encourages us to trust the Lord’s wise ways because His faithfulness will never leave us flailing and abandoned; He is always available to steady us.

When have You experienced the faithful hands of the God who never abandons? When have you wished for something more stable and secure? What does it mean for your heart to know the Lord’s steadfast ways and kind voice are always present for you?  

Sarah shared transparently of her rebellion against God and her confession of sin that brought her near to Him again. She returned boldly because she knew the deep truth that she was always welcome because God is perpetually gracious and forgiving.

Think of one instance when you experienced grace and forgiveness. Verbally give God praise for His love for you!

These women journaled their prayers of joy, confession, and worship; let’s follow their example and practice doing the same!


It’s hard to write your testimony, but it’s a joy to share of what the Lord has done to bring His Light into your darkness! The more we practice sharing, and declaring God’s work in our lives, the easier it becomes!

An easy way to start sharing is by writing your story. Share it with us by joining our Faces of Grace women who boldly tell of God’s work in their lives! Reading another’s story of transformation by Jesus can greatly encourage us as we see how pieces of our story connect with hers. Flee the temptation to discount your hard places, thinking others are “farther ahead” than you because their story is different. Rejoice in what the Lord is doing in you!

Repentance from sin, finding the freedom of forgiveness, and growing in our knowledge of Jesus’ love radically makes us new as Amy’s story so beautifully reminds us. Turn to Psalm 119:33-56 and pick up your pen to journal your experiences in either walking with the Lord and delighting in Him or your longing for something richer and deeper.

Digging Deeper, Stacy guides us in exploring the heart motives and easy applications for worship and prayer we can make from He, Vav, & Zayin starting right now! Take 10 minutes and sit with the Faithful One whose commands for life are overflowing with love and freedom; far away from cold and legalistic, He longs for you to truly know Him!
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