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Another Day 11 Loving Devotion

Have you ever been in the shoes of Zacchaeus? On the receiving end of extravagant love despite who you are and what you’ve done? Perhaps you’ve heard the voice of someone who loves you and looks your way and says, “I want to spend some time with you today!” This is the Jesus kind of love. This is “One-Another” kind...

The GT Weekend! ~ Another, Week 2

There are many benefits and blessings found in submission, but a few notable benefits are the grace afforded to those with a submissive spirit (1 Peter 5:5), protection from the enemy (James 4:7) and the ability to spread the gospel in perhaps the most powerful way…by example (Philippians 1:27-28)! When we live a life worthy of the Gospel, others take...

Another Day 10 Holy Submission: Digging Deeper

We can submit to our brothers and sisters in Christ by not demanding to have our own way or get the last word in. We should prefer others over ourselves (Philippians 2:3) and make their well-being a priority (Philippians 2:4). We should treat other people the way we want to be treated (Matthew 7:12). We can follow Jesus’ example of...

Another Day 10 Holy Submission

Submission is evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit within us. Through faith in Christ, we receive His righteousness as our own and keep His commandments through the power of the Holy Spirit. Submission denies us the power and privilege we want, instead choosing to stand under the Lord’s authority, wisdom, and power.

Another Day 9 Wrapped Up In Love: Digging Deeper

Have dinner with your neighbor who is an atheist. Invite your friend to coffee who has been vocal on Facebook about her political beliefs that are different from yours. Have a conversation with that family member who is hard to love. Our model was Christ laying down His life for all people, and our reward when following Him is power...

Another Day 8 Wrapped Up In Love

May Christ’s love overflow through us into our family dinners, workstations, and hair salons. May His love overflow into the school pick-up line, the grocery check-out, and after-church conversations. May His love be abundant in our Facebook shares, our email replies, and our Instagram comments. May the world see Christ’s love in us as we engage those of different faiths,...

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