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Mandy Farmer
Mandy Farmer
4 years ago

Digging deeper. My husband and i have been through the wringer in the past few years. We’ve lost nearly everything but our faith.
Philippians 3:8-9 had been my theme. I realize more and more that “everything is loss, save Jesus Christ” it is all “dung”.
Now that we have nothing to lean on (no bank account, no credit cards, no annuity) but Him it is most freeing.

Mandy Farmer
Mandy Farmer
4 years ago

Rebecca, what a beautiful life lesson. Tears in my eyes over here.

It takes courage to look deep and see where we are missing the mark. Not seeing diamonds in the rough that Good wants us to reach out to.

May you have eyes and ears open for the day God has prepared for Ellie to hear the Good News that Jesus loves her.