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[…] Looking for yesterday’s Journey Post? Check out Truth & Grace […]

Donna Cartwright
7 years ago

Grace………….it’s so amazing! I enjoyed reading this tonight! As a Christian, you hear a lot about the “grace of God” but until you know He is the truth, He will not fail you, and you step out boldly in faith, it is then you will know what it feels like to receive grace! It is wonderful, and more than just a feeling. I remember clearly when I gave my life to the Lord, surrendering and putting everything in his hands. I knew what I was doing, trying to fix everything and handle it on my own, was breaking His heart.… Read more »

7 years ago

This mornings reading really hit home with me…not in how I was raised but in how I show love to my kiddos. Am I showing them the love that Christ shows us so they can truly understand and know Christ or does my frustration and impatience come out more than it should…Lord help me to show them your amazing grace and truth each day!